Monday, February 3, 2014

Poem #740


Woken up before the sun takes up its residence in the sky, 
Wrestled violently from dreamland, 
And tossed into the reality I left behind. 
Already, my heart sinks deep into darkness, 
Longing for those few sweet hours to return, 
The only time where I feel nothing, 
Think nothing, 
Hear nothing, 
Am nothing.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poem #739

Imaginary Friend 

She sees things that aren’t there, 
Talks to people that aren’t there, 
Has fun with them doing things she truly not. 

They are her best friends, 
People who she knows care about her, love her, 
Have always been there by her side to protect her. 

They share everything, 
They know everything about her, 
Part of her life from the very beginning. 

But what started out as a happy fantasy or daydream, 
Is becoming real, tangible, to her. 
This is what is helping her cope. 

They help her survive, to make it through each day,
There when she needs them most, 
When she is not strong enough. 

The thought of being in that world is enough, 
To get her out of the darkness, 
That holds her mind hostage. 

But this world that is helping her, 
Is the secret that is killing her.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Poem #738


Pieces of ragged cloth, sown together with care, 
An assortment of fabrics from many generations, 
Telling a story, recalling a time long past. 
Colorful and soft, it carries the voices of your ancestors, 
Holding a connection to days before your time. 
Wrapping yourself up in years of memories, 
Outlining the trail your family once followed. 
Remembering, reliving, it never becomes distant. 
Keeping your history ever within your reach. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Poem #737

Blue Skies 

Clear skies above us, 
Wind rushes past, cool and fresh, 
Whistling its tune. 

Soft blue envelops 
Us as far as we can see. 
Cloudless, gorgeous day. 

Beneath the warm sun, 
Green stalks create a soft bed, 
Holds us tight and safe. 

Blue skies, no limit. 
Nature’s endless beauty lives, 
Right before our eyes.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Poem #736

Autumn Light 

The morning wakes, so crisp and clear. 
Leaves tumbling down this time of year, 
Make crunching sounds beneath our feet, 
As we go walking down the street. 

And we all run around with smiles, 
Jumping into colorful piles. 
Bundled up against the cold, 
We are characters writing a story untold. 

Gentle winds, a refreshing chill, 
And delicious treats are sure to thrill. 
Caramel apples and pumpkin pies, 
Create a twinkle in our eyes. 

On plump, orange canvases we trace, 
The outline of an eerie face. 
As fireplaces begin to crackle, 
Outside we’ll hear a witch’s cackle. 

Prepare for ghosts and ghouls and fright, 
As excitement builds for that one night, 
When we can be anything at all, 
And celebrate the magic of fall.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poem #735

Night Without Hope

I loosen my grip, start plummeting down,
Rolling away on the cold, wet ground.
Stumbling, tumbling, I can't hear a sound,
In the empty darkness, not a soul around.

And the limbs of the lonely, they rip and they tear,
Begging me to help them, to please stop there.
But my own horrid sorrow is all I can bear,
As I descend into darkness, fast track to nowhere.

I feel trapped, so I struggle to set myself free,
Take in my surroundings; where could I be?
This empty shell left over is nothing like me,
No answers, just darkness, and no chance to flee.

My hands pull in, forgetting their grope, 
For something to hold onto, to help me cope.
And I keep sliding down the never-ending slope,
Down into darkness, night without hope.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Poem #734

Gray Blanket 

Slowly shuffling back and forth,
Wandering stiffly through the hall,
              Trying not to feel,
A dark gray blanket smothers the world,
                               Starving the sky of sun with such ease.
S             l           o         w     i        n      g      t    o   a  stop.

I stare through the tall, clear pane,
              And imagine drifting off into the sky,
                             Piercing through the gloom-filled clouds,
                                           Into the bright skies above, full of peace, hope,
                                                        Somewhere were I can finally feel the joy of freedom,
No longer feel the heaviness that

Break away from the tiresome rhythm of life,
             Away from the pursuit of perfection,
                            Away from the sorrow,
                                          Away from the pain,
                                                                 Flying away,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Poem #733

slip into my
favorite, big sweater.
Swimming through the sea
of dark wool, fighting my way
toward the surface, toward fresh air.
Tussling with the vast quantity of emptiness
that takes up its residence within, I fumble about,
searching for an escape, an exit, a way out of this mess.
The air becomes warm; the heat pounds at my head, my lungs,
keeping time with the rapidly quickening dirge of my heart, and
just when I feel as if I have come very near drowning, my head,
my arms, break through the surface, rejoining the world,
and my lungs are sated with a cool, calm freshness.
The sweater hangs down, draped callously
over my bones, and I am still swimming
in a vast expanse, fully cloaked in
unrelenting heaviness. And yet,
My world shrinks around me,
And I feel constricted.
So much room,
but I feel