Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poem #23

This next poem is about the importance of friendships. Friendships are very important in life. It may seem hard to find a true friend, but you always will. It's always great to gain a new friend. And it's always extremely hard to lose a friend, no matter what the reason for losing that friend is, trust me, I know.
Have you every felt like you really needed a good friend at a certain moment? I think everyone probably does, and there's sometimes when you dont have a friend to be with at that moment, or anyone to talk to. That's how I feel sometimes too, and how I feel as I write this.

Friendships are important,
Life can be hard without a friend by your side.
Someone you can talk to when you need to talk,
And you can be someone they can talk to.
Friendship is a very special bond.
It helps during times of grief or stress,
And is fun to have when there is something happy to share.
A true friend will respect your feelings and differences,
As you will respect theirs.
A true friend will always be by your side, no matter what.
They will never leave you when you are in need.
Nothing and no one will break the bond true friends share,
Not even a boyfriend or girlfriend.
A friend will treat you like a friend.
They will not spread rumors or treat you badly,
Especially if you've never done that to them.
And they will always be there with you,
To care for you and talk to you when you need them,
No matter how tough the situation is.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poem #22

This poem is another color poem that i wrote this morning :) It's all about blue.


The color of my soft, bright shirt,
A peacefully trickling river in the park,
The vast cloudless sky on a warm spring day,
My fluffy towel that warms and dries me when I'm wet and cold,
The color of the ink spilling from the pen as I write,
Paint on a canvas as the painter creates an outdoor scene,
The color of flip flops in the summer,
Flashing in your eyes as children run past.
The ocean's waves crashing on the shore,
And the color of the ripe, juicy blueberries,
That you are eating in the warm summer sun,
Under the clear blue sky.

Poem #21

Here is another poem! This one is about Valentine's day. I wrote this because it is coming up soon and I see people preparing for it and hear people talking about it. So I decided to write this! :)
Valentine's Day
Place: A cozy little restaurant.
Date: February 14th, Valentine's Day.
I'm sitting by myself,
I watch all the couples,
Spirited by the thoughts of Valentine's Day.
The love between them sparkles in their eyes.
Hugs, kisses, the smiles, loving words,
Glittering presents of jewelry.
I look, the love is all around me,
But not with me.
I sigh, feeling happiness from seeing everyone,
Yet sadness from not experiencing it myself.
I feel as if I am waiting there for something,
Waiting for the door to open,
And someone to walk in and sweep me off my feet,
To be the one that I love so we can share this special day.
He and I would have that sparkle in our eyes,
And that smile that only two in love can have.
But I guess I can only imagine, for now.
And yet I keep sitting there,
Waiting for him, waiting for love to tap me on the shoulder,
And take me into that wonderful world.

Poem #20

Here is my next poem. It is an ode about my dog. This was something that I wrote for English class at school. Please excuse my horrible rhyming! haha :)

An Ode to a Dog
Each day when I walk in you wag your tail.
You're cute and soft and always very furry.
You always make me happy, you never fail.
When we walk you're always in a hurry.
You always like to splash in every puddle.
You then track mud on the rug with your paws.
You like to sit at home and howl and sing.
Each night by the fire, we will cuddle.
You're so sweet, you don't mind my flaws.
You will run after the ball when I fling.
You were mine when I saw you for sale.
When you get a bone then you will go bury.
You help out by bringing me the mail.
And when you hear a loud noise you will scurry.
You like to beg for scraps of food from the table.
I love your big brown amber eyes.
I can't resist such a cute face.
You like to run as much as you are able.
You roll of your back and look to the skies.
And on the couch you take up all the space.

Poem #19

Good Morning!
Here is my first poem of the day. Hopefully I will be able to finish catching up by the end of the day :) This poem is a poem about love and what love can be like. I wrote this because I was thinking of a dream that I had the other night.

It's one of the most powerful feelings in the world.
It can bring so many people together,
Or tear people apart.
It forms lasting relationships,
Of causes heartbreak.
Love is a force that is hard to control.
It sometimes spells out danger,
Or creates an eternal bond.
It must be used carefully,
For no one quite understands it.
It is fragile, yet warm and comforting.
Everyone should have love, an essential part of life.
Love can take many forms, but it is always there.
At some point in time, we all experience different kinds of love,
From family, boyfriends or girlfriends, pets.
And sometimes it may seem,
That you can't find or feel love.
But there is someone who loves you, though you may not know.
Don't give up on love,
Even if you can't seem to find love,
Love will always find you.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poem #18

This next poem is another poem that I wrote yesterday. This poem, I wrote about my grandfather (My mother's father) who died of Alzheimer's Disease a week after my 4th birthday. This is dedicated to him.

I Miss You
You were the kindest man there was.
You never raised your voice.
You never spoke unkindly about anything.
A friend and companion to all.
Your life was long and full,
Your stories, so interesting to hear.
The sound of you singing, magical to all ears.
A great father, a loving husband,
And the sweetest Grandfather.
You were loved by all.
Your life inspires me everyday.
I want to be just like you,
My best role model.
And we were so alike in many ways.
You are someone who I feel I could talk to about anything,
And you would always make it better.
Even though all I have left of you is a few memories,
Some stories, pictures, and a letter,
I feel as though you will always be with me, inside,
To help me through bad times,
Or to be happy with me when I'm happy.
I came into your life as you were slipping away.
I was young, I barely remember.
And I would give anything to remember,
To have a conversation with you,
To feel you hug me.
But I do know a few things.
That you love me so much, and I love you too,
That you are proud of me and everything I do,
And that, even though I didn't know you for long,
I miss you more than anyone else.

Poem #17

I almost caught up on my poems! This is a poem that I wrote yesterday, called Missing. It's about a girl who had changed in a way she doesn't like and she is trying to get back her old self.

"Missing. One girl. Tall.
Long brown hair, big brown eyes.
Personality: cheerful, excited, loves to have fun."
I've been searching for this girl for a while,
But I just can't seem to find her.
The brown hair is now mixed with other colors.
The cheerfulness, turned to sadness,
Having been stolen from her years ago.
Excited? Not by much now,
It's hard for her to get excited when there is so much stress.
Loves to have fun, this is still the same.
But how can she have fun,
When nothing feels right anymore?
She's lost, she needs someone to save her.
If someone bothered to look hard enough,
They would see those big brown eyes,
Still sparkling, deep down,
With the girl who was lost so long ago.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poem #16

This next poem is about a family's trip to the park for the day. I wrote this because I've just been thinking about when I was little and use to go to the park a lot and how I felt when I went there! :)

The Park
I wake up, the feeling of excitement pounding in my chest.
Today is the day!
I dress and run down the stairs, it's time to leave.
We grab our belongings, one item for each of us.
I struggle with the wicker handles of my heavy load,
Weighed down with mouth watering treats.
We journey up the steep slope,
Feeling as though we are not going to make it,
When suddenly, our goal is in sight.
The expanse of grass and trees.
I drop my basket and run toward it.
I stop, spin around in a dozen dizzying circles,
Before I let myself fall on my back,
And the soft blanket of green.
And I lie there,
Staring up at the perfect blue sky and soft fluffy clouds.
I stop thinking, barely taking a breath,
And I let the peace take over my body.

Poem #15

This poem is about winter! I wrote this on my thoughts about winter since it is currently winter :)

Night has fallen over our world.
The dark between dusk and dawn.
Chilling winds, bitter frost,
Silencing outdoor life.
Animals burrow into their homes,
Taking refuge from the harsh conditions.
And humans, much like the animals,
Huddle up inside, until the winter is gone.
Cold wintry winds blew leaves off the trees,
Leaving only skeletons of the past seasons.
On this wind rode many birds,
Fleeing into warmer arms.
All is buried,
Lying in silence,
Waiting for spring to sweep away the darkness,
And re-awaken the world.

Poem #14

This poem is all about a kid going to a baseball game during the summer! I wrote this poem because I was thinking about how much I love to go to baseball games, especially in the summer! Hope you like it :)

The Baseball Game
It's a warm summer's evening.
I'm sitting there next to my family,
Hotdog in one hand, soft drink in the other.
I'm feeling like the luckiest kid on Earth.
We have amazing seats, just above our team's dugout.
I'm right up close, I can see all the players.
Looking around the stadium, every seat is taken.
So many people, cheering, talking, having a good time.
I feel such a rush of excitement.
The feeling of pride and confidence in our team is overpowering.
Our team is winning, ten to five, bottom of the seventh.
We strike out and move to the eighth.
In what seems like a blur, our team is suddenly losing, eleven to ten.
But they never give up.
It's the bottom of the ninth.
We lose if we don't have at least one more run.
The first two batters strike out.
The tension is mounting. Can they pull this off?
Soon, we have the bases loaded and the next player steps up.
Two strikes! Oh no!
As the pitcher prepares the third pitch,
The crowd holds its breath.
Crack! The sound of a perfect hit is music to our ears.
A Grand Slam! Amazing! We win!
The players are congratulating each other.
The crowd, my family and I are screaming with excitement.
This was a good night to see a baseball game!


Sorry for the huge delay between posts recently. I've been home sick all week and haven't really done much but sleep or just lie n the couch so I haven't had a change to update on here. I will be catching up on 6 poems, hopefully by today or at the latest by tomorrow, so keep watching for all of them :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Poem #13

Second poem of the day!! I just wrote this poem last night! This poem is about a sunset on the beach. I wrote this because I was thinking of the fun times I've had on the beach during the summer with my friends and family!

Sunset on the Ocean
Lying on a blanket,
Surrounded by the tan grains of sand.
Waves crash on the shore, a relaxing sound.
The serenity and stillness, no breeze,
No children running around screaming, playing games.
Just calm quiet.
Looking at the crystalline water, sparkling with the joys of the day.
The sun, slowly descending down past the water,
Into the unseen, until the moon's duty is over.
The brilliant colors, red, orange, pink, purple,
Reflecting back in the water.
And as you watch, everything disappears.
Your thoughts, the sounds around you,
All other sights, melt away.
And for a moment, you are completely focused.
All of your attention is on this natural wonder.
You want it to last forever, to freeze in time,
Or at least repeat this moment over and over again.
But all too soon, it is gone.
The colors have faded,
And you are left in the moonlight,
With only a memory of that wonderful moment.
And you realize,
That moment was pure happiness.

Poem #12

This is my first of two poems coming today! This is another one of my older poems that I found the other day! I wrote this in 7th grade. This poem is about a boy and a girl who are falling in love. It was inspired by this book that I had been reading at the time that I really liked! :)

Young Love
In a house that's completely white,
A young girl and boy sit on a windowsill.
The boy is carving something into the wood,
As the girl tells him not to.
He carves a name,
Next to the many from the past
That fill up half of the wooden board.
Outside the window, the moon shines on the pond,
Turning the grass to silver.
Dark shapes are walking around.
The girl sees the shapes, but does not worry.
She knows who they are.
Now, on the windowsill, a new name,
Freshly carved, leaving wood shavings all around it.
The letters spell,
S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A, Samantha.
Keep watching today for another poem that I just wrote up! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poem #11

Good evening!
I hope you all have been having a good weekend! I've spent my entire weekend singing with my choir so I thought that I should post up a poem about music! This poem is called Song and it's about my feelings about singing and music. AND It's written in the form of a shakesperian sonnet :) I hope you like it!!

Singing has always meant the world to me.
Singing is what my life revolves around.
It lets me be the best that I can be.
Music is a great thing that I have found.
Sometimes I'm sad and need some cheering up.
It is fun to sing with friends, in a choir.
I will sing the whole time I'm growing up.
Singing will never make me want to tire.
I am normally shy and quiet, but,
In choir I sound like a bird singing.
My friends and I would like to start a band,
And through the music, I am winging.
Singing is like an escape for my mind.
There is nothing better in life to find.


I just wanted to say that I will be catching up on the poems I've missed by tomorrow at the latest! I've had a busy weekend full of singing so I haven't had a chance to post much! But I will catch up very soon. Keep checking for poems!! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Poem #10

Yay! It's finally Friday!
My poem for today is a poem that I wrote in memory of my friend's dog, Angela, who was put to sleep about 2 or 3 years ago. We all still really miss her. So here is the poem! :)


Everyone loves you,
But we knew there was no stopping this
You just had to go, and you knew.

We all miss the low deep growl of your voice, we knew,
That you’d always be there for us,
Everyone loves you.

With the soft blackness of your head on our laps, you,
Let us know that you were there for us,
You just had to go, and you knew.

With the warmth and wetness of your tongue, you
Licked the tears away when we cried.
Everyone loves you.

We say we will move away from the sadness of losing you,
But we never will.
You just had to go, and you knew.

But now, as we sit here, remembering you,
We feel the tears on our cheeks, but you aren’t here to lick them away.
Everyone loves you,
You just had to go, and you knew.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Poem #9

Happy Thursday!
I have a quick poem for today. It's a short little poem about the color Purple. I like all different colors but purple really came into my mind so that's what I wrote about :) This poem basically talks about all things purple! I hope you enjoy it! There are lots more poems to come and I'll be writing a lot over the weekend any chance I get!


The juiciness of grapes, fresh from the vine,
The perfectly round, purple spots on my backpack,
Lilacs, just waking up from a long winter’s nap,
The smooth lines the painter paints of the sunset.

The color of the fur on that young child’s stuffed animal,
The last color in the skittles rainbow,
Purple has majesty, brightness or darkness, I’ll decide.
The color of the rim of your glasses,
And the last color to appear and fade away in a rainbow.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poem #8

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Here is my poem for the day! This is actually another poem that I wrote in 7th grade and I really wanted to share it with you guys. This poem is about the salem witch trials. I wrote this after reading a book and learning about it in school because I was very interested in it! I hope you like it!

The Salem Witch Trials

Peaceful times, memories,
Remembered by all,
Quiet, order, those were the days,
The birds used to sing with euphonious sound,
Times were good,
Neighbors were friends,
We were joined together as one,
We said nothing could break us apart.

But we were wrong.
Hearts were broken,
Friends became enemies,
And I, I hid behind my family,
I leaned on them, looked to them for help.

Hangings, drownings, trials,
Voices, calling out on people, innocent people,
Accusations stung with the bitterness of a thousand tongues,
Innocent people being killed, crushing the hearts of many.
What happened here?
Where did Salem go?
This doesn’t feel like home anymore.

Then my family was taken away,
And I was left to fend for myself,
Alone, cold, and hungry for an entire winter,
Days used to pass like birds flying by.
But now they pass like a snail crawling along.
And here I am now, as lonely as ever,
With my village burned to the ground,
Friends and family,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poem #7

Here is my second poem of the day! I'm now caught up. This poem is one that I wrote about the subway in New York. I love New York and I've visited so many times but it wasn't until about 3 or 4 years ago that I took my first ride on the subway. Since then, i've gone on subways, metros, undergrounds all in different countries and places, but this poem is about the subway in New York!

The New York Subway
Busy and crowded, two words out of the many that describe the subway.
Sticky floors and bright lights.
The cold air blows you as the trains go by.
People bumping into you, pushing you around.
Lots of trash, no free seats on the subway.
The feeling of tiredness sweeps over you when you've been standing a long time.
The tracks are built low in the ground.
There are many stations, many stops.
You feel happy and sometimes overjoyed when you finally get a seat.
The subway isn't very clean,
The poles are slimy.
The train barrels down the tracks at you.
It's your first time on.
You feel a rush of excitement when you see the right one.
You get on board.
There are people coming home from shopping or from work.
The doors close, and the subway rushes you away from the station toward home.

Poem #6

Here is one of the poems I'm putting up today. This poem is called Mechanical Object. It's actually an old poem that i wrote when i was in 7th grade, but i wanted to put it up! It is about an object that is not specifically stated in the poem but hints are given about what it is. It's up to the reader to guess what I am tallking about. :) (it's not super hard. I just did it for fun!)

Mechanical Object
My blades, they slash and crash and stir.
The whirring and purring goes on as I run,
Purr....purr, a calming noise.
The constant struggle between the person and the lid.
I run on High-no, Medium-no, Low-you choose.
My power goes up. I feel the person's grip on the lid weakening.
The BOOM! The lid flies off! Mashed potatoes fly everywhere.
I can hear them plop on the table, on the floor, all over.
Something smells like burning hair;
I think it's me, I'm getting older.
But I'll smell fine once I'm fixed,
That is, if you take the time to fix me.
I will not give away my identity,
But I will give you a clue.
I blend very well.


As some of you might have noticed, I did not get a chance to put up a poem yesterday. I had a busy day. But today I will be posting TWO poems in order to make up for that, so look for those later! :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poem #5

Hi Everyone!
Here is my poem for the day! :) This poem is more serious and is written about how hard somethings can be in life and it kind of puts the pain that some people feel into words. I hope you all like it!!

The pain I feel within is worse than anything I've ever felt.
It stabs me deep into my heart.
It makes me not want to think any longer.
I want, with all my heart, to forget.
Forget each and every one of those times that causes me pain to think of.
All those memories that haunt me in everything I do.
It's making it difficult to live; everything reminds me of something painful.
I yearn for it all to go away.
I desire to leave my existence behind and be someone else, go someplace else.
Places, objects, and people, they hold too many memories, I can't stand it.
Each day I think about all these things and their affects on me.
It's hard to go on. I don't want to cry each night any longer.
It's hard to find a reason to go on, a reason to live,
When all has gone wrong, everything has caused me pain.

I hope, if you feel as though you can relate to this, that you all find hope and a way to get over this pain and that you feel better. And know that there are many people out there who love you and can and will help you if you ever need anything. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poem #4

Good Morning! :)
I hope you all had a great Friday! I'm very excited because I see that i got my first comment, thanks to kittylu3! So, here is my new poem for today! I was sitting here drawing a flower and I suddenly got this inspiration for a flower poem!! (also, if you have something that you would like me to write a poem on, please tell me!! I'm always open to ideas for topics!!)

The Flower
Poking up from the ground,
Nature's beautiful creation.
Small green bud, blossomed into a brightly colored floral burst.
Dew sparkling on the petals,
And running in a trickle down the stem.
Inside the flower,
Such complexity, such intricacy.
A whole system, built with care,
Makes up this outdoor beauty.
Flowers can inspire works of art.
It can inspire a whole story.
Or it can be there just to brighten someone's day.
It does so much for us.
So why don't we stop to appreciate it?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Poem #3

Happy Friday everyone!!
Since it's friday, I decided to put up a cool and fun poem about an ipod!! I wrote this about my ipod because I love listening to music and i love my ipod! haha :) This is written in the form of a concrete poem! I hope you enjoy it!
My iPod
Snap! I slide the power button on.
Flash! The iPod turns on in a brilliant flash of light.
Click click click! I move my finger around the perfect white circle,
Scrolling through my songs,
Attempting to find the perfect tune for my mood.
I find it and punch the play button.
I close my eyes and let the music flow through my whole body.
It circulates through me like blood, the beat like he pulsing of my heart.
And suddenly I feel lighter, happy, stress-free, if only for a moment.
I stay in this dream-like state, thinking, wishing life was always like this.
The, suddenly, the song ends.
And I am jolted back to the real world, full of stress and anxiety.
But through all of it, I still have the peaceful memory of the music that made me so relaxed.

Have a great weekend all! There will be more poems coming this weekend and in the coming week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poem #2

Hey! Here is the second poem I've come up with.
This one is called "A Broken Spirit". It's all about feelings and emotions of a teenager and how sometimes these feelings can get pretty bad and sort of take over your life and it may feel like there is no way to stop it.

A Broken Spirit
The room is always angry.
Her words, their words are full of hate.
Her emotions, so jumbled and stuck inside.
She doesn't belong anywhere.
She is an outcast.
Anger, sadness, burns in her eyes, her face.
This is what is seen.
But on the inside,
Behind those huge, brown eyes,
The long, dark hair covering her face,
There is something else, something secret, hidden.
A young girl, scared, lonely, trapped inside,
Wanting to get out,
To be free and happy.
Her true self can't escape,
And it's dying.
Nothing is the same, she has completely changed.
She wants to change everything back to the way it should be.
But she knows she can't.
The past, the present, has broken her.
So she sits there, crying for help,
But no one can save her.

There will be more coming soon! I'm working hard. I hope you have enjoyed these so far :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poem #1

Here is my first poem of this challenge!!! Very exciting!
This poem is called "Choices". I wrote this poem about life constantly presenting choices that you need to make. It talks about what it's like to make that choice or have that challenge presented to you. A short story that we read in English class is what prompted me to write this poem. This poem related to the story. In this story, a man is forced to chose between two doors to determine his punishment for a crime. He either will die or live. I mixed this choice in with descriptions of everyday choices and about picking the right path of life! I hope you like it!! :)

Choices are made everywhere, everyday.
Should I play it safe or take the risk?
Do I trust them or not?
Life depends on the choices that you make.
Some are hard and some are easy.
Some you may go back and forth on,
Like a swing flying through the air.
Some put you at ease as a breeze does in the summer.
Yet there are choices even harder that we can imagine.
The choice of life or death, your pick, yet also fate's choice.
The system of random choice for this is unjust.
An unfair trial awaits you.
Two doors stand before you.
Behind these doors are life and death.
Your destiny is decided now.
Which door do you choose?
I hope you all enjoyed this first poem! Please comment :)

Introduction: Beginning the Challenge

Im not going to start off with a long boring introduction. Im just going to tell you a few quick facts about myself, and explain the purpose of this blog. First of all, my name is Ari. I'm 15 years old, a sophmore in high school. I love to sing, act, fool around with computers and most importantly, to write. I've loved to write, especially poems, ever since i began to write in school. So I decided to give myself a challenge which will also benefit me in school. Im going to write 365 poems in 365 days, so basically from now until 2011! At the very end, im going to compile all of my work into a book and hand it in at my school as my graduation project. Im doing this blog about it so that i can share it with people and send out updates on my progress! And who knows? Maybe I'll get some support from some of you, and some feedback on my poems, so dont be afraid to comment. With my poems, I will also explain them and/or what prompted me to write them. I will try to write one per day, maybe even more sometimes, but if i can write one each day, i assure you that I will make up for it in the next day or so by writing more than one. For example, it's already the 6th of January so Im already a few poems behind, but I have a few to post today and i will be caught up with it, if not tomorrow then definitely by Friday! No matter what, by the end of this year, I will have at least 365 poems written, I promise! :)
I want to do this project because im not good at talking about my emotions or feelings, but i've always found that i can let them out and talk about them through my poems, so this will also help my in my journey through high school. I also love to share my work with others in the hopes that they will read it, enjoy it, and maybe benefit from it. I love to help people and I have a hope that maybe some of my poems will help someone in whatever way they need if they read them.
Well, thank you for reading through my introduction! Hope it wasn't too boring! haha :)