Friday, February 26, 2010

Poem #50

This next poem is about a rose. It sort of takes a more sad side than a lot of my poems but this is a poem I wrote at my friend Paige's request from when we were chatting last weekend :)

The Rose
Straight, long green stem,
Bursts into a flower at the very top.
I hold on to the stem,
Being careful of the thorns.
Standing outside in the cold air,
Frozen tears running down my cheeks.
The thorn pricks my finger,
Just as his words did to my heart.
And my finger, my heart, they cry as I have.
I feel lost in this crazy world.
Loveless, hurting.
And I stand, in the cold,
And let the sadness, the anger,
Pull me into the darkness.

Poem #49

Sorry It's been so long since my last poem! But I will make up for it today :) This first poem is about Lavenders! :) I've been feeling in a flowery mood so I wrote a lot about flowers today :) haha! Hope you all like it!

A flower poking up from the ground,
It's buds sprouting into a beautiful burst of color.
The smell of those buds,
Filling the senses,
Creating a feeling of warmth and joy.
Collecting the flowers together,
Decorating your house with the beauty,
And spreading that marvelous scent throughout.
Lavender is a peaceful, happy color.
It brings people so many good feelings,
And illustrates your life.
Lavender, soothing, stress-relieving, calming,

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've had a crazy few day but I have been writing a lot and I should have some time to day to begin posting up the newest poems! So stay tuned and keep checking!! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Poem #48

This poem is about a marriage proposal. A very romantic way to do it :) I wrote this because it just popped into my mind as a good topic for a poem :)

A Proposal
Warm spring day,
A cool wind is blowing.
Two people, walking hand in hand,
Like many times before.
The love between them, so visible.
They walk down a familiar street,
Thinking of all the memories they have shared.
They are going somewhere, she doesn't know where,
He has a purpose in mind.
He talks about times past,
Walking by the places where they experienced milestones,
Places of love.
She wonders why,
Why he is taking her on this trip.
And finally, they stop.
He asks if she remembers this spot.
She does, "The place where we met."
And in this place of such happiness,
He turns to her, drops to his knee,
"Will you marry me?"

Poem #47

This next poem is about night! It is about someone who is outside looking at the sunset and then the stars. I wrote this because I was remembering some times during the summer where I would go outside with my friends and do this and talk. Those are some of my favorite memories.


As the sun goes down,
The sky turns many colors.
They stay for some time,
Then fade into the black of night.
Soon, tiny spots of light appear,
White and shimmering.
They fill up the wide expanse of darkness.
They blaze in the sky by the shining moon.
The moon shines down light to the world,
Sparkling on the grass,
And on me.
Lying there on my back,
Watching this scene come to life,
The cool breeze blowing on me,
And the flowers, leaves, and grass dancing.
I look up through the trees,
Breathing in the scenery around me.
And I think of all these memories,
And slowly drift off to sleep.

Poem #46

This poem is about someone who is losing a really close friend. I got this idea because that happens a lot in the teenage years when friends begin to drift apart. I also specifically made this poem with no genders so that it is up to you to decide the gender of the friends. It will probably be different for everyone. I hope you like it!

One True Friend
I remember the day you came into my life,
I saw my future light up,
And I remember every moment from that day.
Every sight, every sound, every feeling.
You brightened up my life, gave me hope.
And as the days went by, we got closer,
The connection was strong, we were perfect together,
You were my one true friend, I trusted you.
You were there for me no matter what,
You made me feel better during the hardest of times.
I thought nothing could ever break us apart.
I cared about you, you cared about me.
And I still care, no matter how many times I deny it.
It still hurts me, even though I deny this too.
And I've realized just how much you meant, and mean, to me.
Having you as my friend was the best thing in my life,
And the silliest little thing tore us apart.
I still barely understand it.
I don't know how our relationship could have been ruined,
But I do know one thing for sure,
I loved you, and love you with all of my heart,
Not as anything more than a friend.
I love you like you are my own family, and I know you loved me too.
And not a day goes by when I don't think of you,
Wishing I could go back and change something.
I miss you more and more each day,
And I'm hurting inside, thinking of you, of the way we were.
I miss the days where we were so close.
I miss having someone who cared about me so much,
Someone I trusted, someone who was good to me.
I miss having someone to talk to about anything.
I desperately needed someone to listen, and you did.
You would keep talking to me until I stopped crying every night.
You always made me feel wanted and gave me hope that someone cared about me.
You were everything I always wanted in a friend.
But I never thought you would hurt me like this.
You've made me feel like I'm worthless.
I feel betrayed, in disbelief.
Why did you do this to me?
Why do you want me to hurt so much every day?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poem #45

Ok so this poem is the one that I promised the guys that I would write. I wrote about the girl's point of view when a guy treated her badly in a relationship and now here is the guy's side. I hope you all enjoy it! And a note to the guys out there, it's the same deal for you as with the girls. When this happens to you, you should know that you are worth more than you may feel you are, and that there are family and friends who love and care about you so much. Also, don't be afraid to let them know how you feel because they may be able to help you or give you support. And one day you will find that one special person that you will fall in love with and they will treat you well and respect you as you will them. :)

A Man's Heartbreak
He sits there on a park bench.
Did this really just happen?
It's amazing how your life can change so fast.
How do I feel?
A question, not always easy to answer,
Burning in his mind, wanting to be answered.
No, I'm not. I loved her.
A revelation, finally realizing it.
She walked away from him.
She left him there,
To writhe in the pain she caused.
He is broken inside, crushed.
He needs to talk, he needs closure.
But he gets up, puts on a mask.
Walks away from the remains of his heart,
And acts like nothing is wrong, that he is fine,
Even though he's not.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poem #44

This poem is something I wrote last night before I went to bed. It's about sleep :) haha

Sleep, a wonderful thing.
A time to rest, renew.
A time to dream,
Travel to different worlds,
Experience extraordinary adventures.
A time of peace, undisturbed, quiet.
A place where all your stresses melt away.
Your mind goes blank of the daily thoughts.
Your body feels better than ever.
Pain, suffering, illness,
They seem to disappear,
To be unseen, unthought of, not felt.
Sleep is a wonderful time,
Pure bliss.
Cherish every moment.

Poem #43

Good evening everyone!
This next poem is another color poem that I wrote last night! :) I hope you all like it! There will be at least one more coming today and I will try to write a few more tonight. :)

The color of the cap on that bottle.
The mist, gently settling over everything.
Streaks, aging into hair.
The color of the intricate details on a man's tie.
The color of the feeling,
That sometimes over takes my mind.
The color of the huge, soft, puffy storm cloud.
My favorite tank top.
A formal color,
Gray is found in many places.
Gray is a sign.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poem #42

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all having a great day! Here is another poem about a season! This time it's about Fall. I wrote this because I'm just thinking of all the warmer seasons because of all the snow that is on the ground right now! haha :)


Warm days to cool nights,
Temperature dropping with each passing day.
Trees' beautiful changing leaves,
Turning from pure green into reds, yellows, and oranges,
The colors of Fall.
They fall from the branches as the seasons change.
Piles of them, crisp, fresh,
And crunching as you walk on them.
Animals sensing the changes of nature,
Preparing, burrowing in dens,
Or taking flight to warmer areas.
Humans sensing change,
Warm sweaters come out,
And logs burn in the fireplace.
Some, like the animals, flees to other climates,
While others decide to stay.
Seasonal plants are abundant.
Many pumpkins are seen,
Some even having human features.
These are all the sure signs.
Autumn has come.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poem #41

This poem is about an old book. No particular book, just what an old book that has been passed down through many generations is like. :)

An Old Book
Dusty cover, musty smell.
Yellowed, crumbling pages.
The well worn creases in the binding.
Missing numbers, words,
Some pages barely readable.
Sitting in its special place on a shelf,
Nearly falling apart.
But by just looking or even touching it,
It brings back fond memories of years past.
Sent down through generations,
The words, the story, known by heart.
But no matter how old it gets or how unreadable,
It will have a fond place in all hearts,
And many lifetimes of memories with it.

Poem #40

Hey everyone! this is just a quick poem I wrote earlier today! Another color poem! I hope you all enjoy it! more to come soon! :)


The color of the ring circling my finger.
The beautiful flowing dresses and suits,
Worn by people attending a formal affair.
The short, silky hair of a dog.
The mane of a horse,
Flying in the wind as it runs through open fields.
The color of the ink in my pen,
And the letters on my computer.
And black is the color of night.
The color of darkness,
Endless, unseen.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poem #39

This next poem is about two really good friends, a girl and a boy, who play in the woods together eveyday and one find this old cottage in the middle of the woods. They make this out cottage a sort of meeting place and the boy at one point has promised the girl that they are going to live there forever. I'm not really sure what inspired me to write about this. It popped into my mind :)

The Old Cottage
Running through the woods,
Laughing and playing, exploring new worlds.
You and I were young and carefree.
We played in these woods many times,
But the discovery on that summer day,
Well, that changed everything.
Venturing to the middle of the land,
Amid all the trees,
We found a dwelling, uninhabited,
Empty for years.
Opening the door, we held our breath,
Walking inside with all the courage we could gather,
As we were children and easily frightened.
Inside the fully furnished cottage, we relaxed.
We looked everywhere and at everything,
All caked with dust and covered with cobwebs.
And we looked around in awe at this cottage.
This began many years we spent in that place,
Meeting there each day.
And we are still in there today, and will be for life,
For on that first day, we made a promise.
We promised to be together forever, to love each other forever,
And to live, forever, in that old cottage in the woods.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Poem #38

Good evening!
This poem today is about a tree and the changes it goes through during different seasons. This also symbolizes the changes and stages of life.

The Tree
Shooting straight up from the ground,
Thick and strong, an aging trunk,
With crumbling bark and shavings of wood.
Magnificent colors surround the top,
Leaves, occasionally blowing off with the wind.
It's changing colors of fall,
Give way to it's dark skeleton of winter,
The crunchy, dried leaves surrounding the base.
And when it seems there is no hope for the return of that wonderful color,
Spring takes over the world,
Driving away the winter,
And bringing fresh, green leaves to the spindly branches.
These leaves will stay constant through spring and summer,
Until fall starts again.
The endless cycle begins once more.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poem #37

This next poem is something that I wrote, really for all girls out there, but especially with one of my best friends in mind. She's been upset recently and this was sort of a way to convey to her and anyone else going through this sort of thing, just how much they are worth even if they don't realize it and how everything is going to be okay :) Note* this is told from a girls perspective and is therefore one account of this situation. I know that this sort of thing happens in the opposite way sometimes so don't be offended or upset guys! I don't think that you are all like this! haha :) I promise I will write something for all of you soon! :)

Broken Heart
Filled with feelings of love,
Happy everywhere you go.
Having him by your side,
Everything seemed right.
Holding hands, love in your eyes,
The laughs over jokes you share.
You were the happiest you've ever been.
And suddenly, one day he's no longer there.
Separated from eachother over a reason,
So careless and thoughtless.
And he walks off without a glance back.
Right then, you feel the pain,
A broken heart.
Your world crashes down around you.
You feel lost, hurt, lonely.
He walked away and left you with nothing,
No one.
But you aren't alone, no,
You have friends, family, who care about you.
And you need to know how much you are worth,
How amazing you are.
He didn't deserve you, he didn't treat you right,
If he walked away like that.
And you will find someone who treats you well,
Respects you and loves you, one day.
But until then, don't let him bring you down,
You are worth more than you think you are.

Poem #36

Hey all!
This poem is based on something that I think happens to a lot of people, especially during the teenage years. This talks about what happens when someone asks you "are you ok?" when you are looking or acting like you are sad. What happens a lot of times is that people will want to tell this person everything that is bothering them but instead they say yes, they are fine. I think everyone has done this at least once in there life. I know i definitely have! I hope you enjoy this poem :)

Are You Ok?
Someone asks, "Are you ok?".
No, I'm not, not even close.
I feel lonely,
No one to talk to, no one will listen.
I can't speak.
I feel scared.
Scared of my feelings, my thoughts,
My life.
I'm so confused.
I don't know where to go,
Who to turn to, and where my life is going.
What purpose am I?
I feel trapped.
Trapped in my mind, in my body.
I need to get out, to let my soul be free of this,
And my mind.
I'm hurting.
I hurt every day, each day it becomes worse.
It's getting harder and harder to deal with.
I need to talk.
Please listen, please let me tell you what I need so desperately to say.
Help me. I'm drowning. I need someone!
But all I reply with is,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Poem #35

My next poem is called Escape. It's about different kinds of escapes, and in particular, a bird that is free and causes others to break free. Look very closely into the poem for hidden meanings. There is no one specific meaning, it's up to your interpretation. :)

A bird, trapped in a cage,
Released into the world,
Spreading its wings and soaring off.
Heading to a place where it will spend its life,
In bliss, peaceful and happy,
And free.
A joyful tune pours from it's mouth.
The world, straining to hear it,
Wanting to catch every glorious note.
Each sound sending a messsage,
Of freedom.
Once the song is heard,
The world wants to experience these feelings.
They too want to escape,
Just as the bird.
Some escape to different lands,
While others escape into the words of writing,
Or the lines of music.
And the bird still sends out it's message,
Spurring acts of freedom, so that all can,

Poem #34

One more color poem! Colors can be really fun to write about! :)

Like the walls of my house.
The color of the fur of a rabbit,
All white with a pink nose.
The color of the warm robe wrapped around you,
Holding in the warmth and keeping out the cold.
The white blanket of snow,
Covering everything in sight,
Bringing us into a wintry world.
The dove, soaring off into the sky.
Cotton balls on a child's work of art.
The color of nothing,
Endless, blank, empty.

Poem #33

Another color poem :) I will spend today getting caught up. I have four of the five I'm behind on already written :)

The color of a ripe apple,
Cut up into juicy pieces as a snack.
One color that paints the sky in a sunrise.
The thick lines of the numbers on my clock,
Controlling the activities of the day.
The color hidden within the brown of my hair.
The long nails of a woman, dressed up and ready to go out.
The color of the wine at a dinner party,
As well as some of the formal wear.
The sleek color on a car as it drives past.
A color on the American Flag,
And many other flags as well.
Red is the first color in the rainbow.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Just a quick update for everyone. I try to post at least two poems up today since I'm behind by two I believe! :) I finally had a good chance this past weekend to work on all the poems I needed to catch up on from midterm week since I was snowed in all weekend!!
I hope everyone who's been hit with this snow storm is staying warm and safe!! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Poem #32

This next poem is another color poem! This time it's about green! I've been writing a lot of color poems recently. I guess I've been really inspired by colors :)
Like the long stems of freshly sprung flowers.
The color of a large expanse of field,
The grass bending in a light breeze.
The color of the vegetables on your plate.
The paint on the fingers of a child,
As they paint a picture freshly thought up.
The color of my favorite shirt.
The paint on the nails of a young girl.
The leaves on the beautiful trees,
Blown by a strong wind.
The color of a juicy apple,
Freshly picked from a tree.
Green is a beautiful color,
And the fourth color in the rainbow.

Poem #31

The topic for this poem just sort of popped into my mind as I was getting my pen and paper. I decided to write about my pen :) haha, kinda random but I think it made a good poem :)

The Pen
Sitting, blank page before you,
Thinking, waiting.
Tap, tap! Hitting the pen against the paper.
Suddenly, you sit bolt upright,
An inspiration.
Click! The tip flies out,
And presses down on the white space between two lines.
A blue liquid begins to spill out.
It spills out into phrases, lines,
Sentences that would not come to mind before,
But finally have.
This amazing device helps create works of art,
Writings, stories, essays, poetry, even songs.
The blue flies down the page and,
It's done.
The thought has been turned into something for all to read.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poem #30

This poem is about dreams. Not a specific dream but just about dreams in general and what dreaming is like. I wrote this right before I went to bed, so I was thinking about dreaming but we also had been talking about dreams in English class yesterday at school. :)
What is a dream?
Is it just a wish you make in your mind,
Or a glimpse of the future?
Dreams can be big and small,
But everyone dreams.
Dreams can be about achievements,
Something you want out of life,
Or just a trip into a new and entertaining world.
They take you away to an alternate reality.
Somewhere warm and safe, comforting.
A dream is an experience in the unknown,
And sometimes unreal.
In dreams, you dare to challenge what you know.
The ability to dream is one of the most wonderful gift.
It is escape for the mind,
A way to leave all of your senses behind,
And take a break from reality.
Some believe their dreams will never come true,
But they don't know until they try.
So when you dream, dream big,
Because you never know what you are going to accomplish.

Poem #29

Here is another color poem!! :) it's about yellow!!

The color of the light shining down,
From the sun as well as the moon.
The flickering light from a candle,
And the light of the fire in the fireplace.
Yellow is the color of a circle with a face,
A symbol that is important in our culture.
The color of my favorite books.
The broken crayon, overused by a child.
The color of a sour fruit,
Or a sweet drink.
Yellow is the color of the changing leaves in the fall,
And the budding flowers in the spring.
Yellow is a bright and happy color,
And a warm and welcoming color.
Yellow, the third color in the rainbow.

Poem #28

My first poem of they day is another color poem! :) This one is about orange! I will be posting at least 4 other poems today so keep watching!

The color of the juice dripping from a fresh fruit.
The shade that paints the sky as the sun rises.
A pumpkin on Halloween,
Smiling up at you with it's carved features.
A piece of paper a child cuts into with scissors.
The color of paint,
Carefully dotting the mosaic on that wall.
Soap, that pours out of the bottle,
Twisting into your hand like snakes.
The color and flavor of the homemade frosting on a cake.
The color and taste of a lolipop,
Or a refreshing popsicle on a summer day,
And the second color that makes up a rainbow.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Poem #27

This poem is all about snow! I thought it would be appropriate to right about snow since this huge snowstorm is coming over night and tomorrow! :)

A wintry blanket falls over everything,
Cold and deep, slippery and soft.
People huddle by the fireplace.
They were not expecting this white beast.
White flakes fall from the sky,
Looking as if they are all the same.
But each flake is designed differently.
Each one carrying a different story, a different message.
They dance in front of the window.
They cover the grass, the trees, the roads.
The city is asleep,
No one goes out in this weather.
The whiteness is powerful and can control many things,
Sometimes ruin plans of the day.
But even through all of that,
It creates a beautiful scene enjoyed by all.

Poem #26

Good morning!
This will be my first poem of the day! :) This poem is called Speak. It's all about how someone wants to speak up and tell people how they feel and what's been bothering them but they just can't seem to find someone who will listen. So they keep it all inside and pretend like it doesn't matter but they are really hurting.

I wish I could speak.
I wish I could tell you everything.
Everything that has happened to me,
And everything that I've been feeling.
All that I've gone through,
And how much I'm hurting right now.
I want to tell you what people have done to me,
What you've done to me.
How much everything affects me,
Even if it seems like nothing to you.
I need to let everything out,
To cry in front of you, tell you my story.
I need to unload these thoughts, these feelings.
I must tell you how my emotions are killing me inside.
I'm crying out for your help,
But you aren't listening.
I need someone to save me,
But no one is there for me.
I want to speak,
But the words won't come out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poem #25

This poem is all about an old forgotten toy that symbolizes changes in life and how people may feel if the world is changing around them but they aren't going anywhere! I hope you enjoy it :) By the way, I wanted to tell you all that I just entered a poetry competition so I will keep you posted on how that goes :) wish me luck!

An Old Toy
A figure, sitting in a room.
Its soft silk shining in the moonlight.
Its sides sewn up with intricate stitching.
Staring off into the distance, wistfully,
As if recalling a memory from long ago.
A thin coat of dust has settled upon its shoulders.
Each tiny piece symbolizing a year past.
It has not been moved in ages, it has not been touched.
Hasn't been looked at or thought about.
The years where it travelled so much, gone.
So many things have changed in this great passing of time.
People have grown up, become occupied,
And forgotten this poor dusty memory.
But still, it sits there, with it's glance into the distance,
And a smile, forever etched in its face.
And it waits and waits for someone to finally remember.
To remember the past,
And bring it with them, out of that room,
Into the future.

Poem #24

This next poem is all about relaxation! The reason I wrote this was because the day that I finished my midterms and came home I began to relax and i realized how great that feeling is, so I thought it would be a great topic for a poem! :) There will be many more poems coming today so keep watching for them :)

Comfy, warm clothes.
Fuzzy socks on your feet.
Blanket and soft pillow on the couch.
Sitting there with your favorite food and drink.
Grab the remote and on goes your movie.
You lie back, settling into your cozy couch,
Next to the roaring fire, sending out rays of warmth.
Snuggling up under the covers,
You let your mind focus on one thing,
And soon, all the stresses of the day melt away.
And a peaceful calm takes over all of your body.
This is bliss.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hey everyone! This is a just a quick update since I haven't been posting a lot recently. Guess what? It's midterms week! haha :) I've been super busy with studying and such but I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on poems and since the midterms end tomorrow, will have more time to post so look out for more poems in the next few days! I guess I should go study some more! Wish me luck :)