Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poem #71

Good Morning everyone!
Sorry I did not have a chance to post yesterday but I will post up two poems today! The first poem of the day is about the notebook that I write and create all of these poems in! :)

All done up with colorful designs,
The words on the pages define,
My personality that no one knows,
And on these pages, it grows.
The lines are filled with colorful pen,
Sometimes about animals in a den.
And sometimes there are stories about trees,
Who's leaves rustle in the crisp autumn breeze.
Once in a while I'll write of a dog,
Who recently tried to chase a frog.
And I just wrote about my mind,
A personal poem that's hard to find.
If I'm here with my notebook, I'll stay,
Because I love to write all day!

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