Friday, March 26, 2010

Poem #80

Today's poem is about being unique (like me!!) :) I wrote this poem because I was thinking about how I have been criticized and made fun of for being myself or being different. This is also a message to anyone who has gone through that to say that you all shouldn't let that sort of thing get you down or change you. Always be yourself!! :)
20 more poems until I have completed 100!! :)

I am unique.
I'm different, independent, my own person.
I'm unusual. I don't change myself for others.
I want people to like me for the real me.
I have my own style, my own feelings,
I do things in unexpected ways.
I'm not like others, internally and externally.
I want to be me and not what people make me.
Some don't like me because of these things.
They make fun of me, try to hurt me,
Just because they can't understand me,
Don't know me, and are upset,
Because they want to be unique like me,
But don't know how to be anything but a clone of everyone else.

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