Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poem #84

Good afternoon :)
Today's poem is about memories, in particular, how strong some of them can be and what it feels like to people when they remember those strong memories. Also, it is about how hard it is to forget these even if you want to. The main focus in this poem is on memories of events that replay over and over again in a person's mind because of the end result after this event. The person thinking of this usually is thinking about it and wondering what could have happened if it had gone differently and they wish that they could go back and change it. I know that all of us have had that happen to us at least once in our lives and this is definitely something that we will never and can never forget.
I hope you all enjoy this :)

Memories, like ghosts,
Playing out right before your eyes,
As if they were just taking place.
And they keep going, unstoppable,
Unchangeable, though you may wish they were.
Wanting to go back, knowing what you do now,
And do it all over again,
Fix it so everything would be right,
Or just to see how things could have been.
Not wanting to remember, to see,
But having no control.
Haunted by the past,
And empty in the present.

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