Friday, April 2, 2010

Poem #87

Good morning!!
Here is one more acrostic poem :) The next few poems will be a bit different :) I hope you are enjoying these poems!!
This poem is called Beautiful. Basically, the meaning of this poem is that everyone is beautiful in one way or another, both men and women ("beautiful" can be used to talk about men as well, for personality more than looks though. Handsome would be used for looks). Beautiful isn't always about looks. It's more about personality than anything and everyone is beautiful in their own way! :) So never let anyone tell you that you aren't beautiful.


Benign, bright, cheerful.
Extraordinary, wonderful.
Above average, amazing.
Unique, special.
Talented, focused, dedicated.
Irreplaceable, wanted, unstoppable.
Friendly, cares for others.
Unselfish, gorgeous, loving.

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