Monday, April 5, 2010

Poem #90

Todays poem is a new format. It's in a new rhyme scheme than I usually use. My normal one is AABBCCDDEEFFGG or ABABCDCDEFEFGG. This poem's rhyme scheme is AABBACCDDC. :) I hope you all enjoy it :)

I really love my cat.
She's soft and sweet and fat.
She likes to drink milk,
And her fur feels like silk.
Her ears are like the ears of a bat.
When she stares at you with those dark eyes,
You will suddenly realize,
She is irresistible and sweet.
She has a personality that no other cat can beat.
She was such a great birthday surprise.

And just a random note, I don't actually have a cat. I just made this up for a topic :)

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