Monday, April 12, 2010

Poem #97

Heyy :) Good afternoon!
We all know what it's like to have that one person that we really connect with, like a best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or maybe a family member. This is someone who we share the same interests, thoughts, and feelings with and someone who maybe knows you better than anyone else. And you know that you are always going to be this close no matter what. Today's poem is about this :)

Unbreakable bond between us.
The love we share conquers everything.
Time has worn at our souls, our minds.
Life has broken us, our spirits.
But we keep going,
Because we have each other.
Getting each other through everything,
And celebrating the good times.
We share one heart, one mind.
We need each other more than anything else.
You are the essential part to me and I to you.
We laugh together, talk together, are together.
Without the other, we are not whole.
So when my world is crashing down on me,
And I feel alone and empty,
You are there to hold me close,
Because what we have is,

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