Monday, May 31, 2010

Poem #146

Another acrostic for today!! :) These are just so much fun to write!

Walking, leaving, on a different road.
Away from here, from the old, onto a,
New path for life.
Deciding where each direction will take you.
Excitement at a change.
Running around, seeing new sights.
Intrigued by the possibilities, but a bit lost.
Needing directions, but having to go alone.
Going all the way down the path. I’m,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poem #145

Today's poem goes along with yesterday's. Since I wrote yesterday's poem about blossoms, today's poem is about cherry trees, which have beautiful blossoms! :) I hope you all enjoy it!

Cherry Tree
Burst of floral color,
Standing tall in a sea of green.
Pink and white hanging down,
And blowing in the cool breeze.
Tiny, delicate blossoms,
Releasing their hold on the branches,
And riding on the wind, flying everywhere,
Like a snow storm of color and fragrance.
Representing peace, life, fragility.
Sitting in the grass under the tree,
Talking in the spring air, the scenery,
And at rest. Completely peaceful,
Underneath the cherry tree.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poem #144

Good morning!! :)
I thought this would be a good idea for today's poem since everything is looking so pretty coming into bloom!! :)

Blowing in the breeze.
Light, fragrant, colorful.
On the trees, they color the branches.
Scented with a wonderful perfume.
Sign that spring has arrived.
Outstanding, gorgeous, brilliant.
Minuscule yet amazingly beautiful.
Spring has brought us these,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Poem #143

So tired!! exams are this week and next week!! I can't believe summer is almost here :)
Here's today's poem! :) Enjoy!!!!!! :)

The Whispers
I hear the quiet rumors,
See unspoken secrets.
They think I can’t hear them,
They think I can’t see.
But I do.
The whispers follow me everywhere.
I don’t understand them,
Why I deserve them, what I did.
I want them to end.
I want, need, to get away from them.
So I begin to run from them, to escape.
I keep going, never stopping,
Feeling like I’m out running them,
As they follow and chase me down.
And finally, I feel as if I’ve escaped.
But I haven’t, I never can,
As they echo in my head.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Poem #142

Today's poem is a funny rhyme about facebook!! :)

Pictures are posted all over the place.
But they will never disappear without a trace.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
Having conversations that never end.
Reading a status, your friend is walking.
But knowing all this makes you feel like you’re stalking.
You can go and play a game.
Get a high score and you’ll achieve fame.
Putting up videos of really fun times,
Or post a picture of your friends next to mimes.
Find old friends you knew at school.
Getting back in touch is really cool.
Only do the things that you should.
So when you’re on Facebook, be good!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poem #141

Acrostics!!! :)
ewww my exams start tomorrow! It feels waaaaaay too early!

Flying, getting out.
Running, soaring away.
Escaping, leaving, gone.
Excitement, anticipation, joy.
Driving away, any way to leave.
Outside my world, myself.
Moving away from here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poem #140

The topic of this poem as a very random story behind it. When I was younger, I made up this story about someone who had this tough life and to escape, went to this museum and sat in front of this painting. That what this poem is based off of!

The Painting
A picture of a peaceful scene.
Painted with delicate brush strokes.
Depicting peace, tranquility, joy.
Brilliant colors, intricate details.
And I've memorized every line, every angle.
Day after day, looking,
Finding something new within, each time.
And I wish to be in this scene.
I want to experience everything there,
See it all in person.
It's like a dream, a memory,
Giving me my own paradise to escape to.
The world seems perfect each day,
As I stare into this painting,
And am pulled into another place,
A place of pure happiness, good, safety.
A place of my own.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Poem #139

Today's poem is one that is sort of near and dear to my heart! :) It is based on a memory of the opening night of my solo on stage in a play! :) I hope you all enjoy this!!!!

Heart pounding, stomach in knots,
Hands freezing cold with nervousness.
Knees shaking, head pounding,
Why am I doing this? What am I doing?
I can't remember what to do!
I can't do this! I can't!
Time is running out. Almost time to go.
Are you ready? No, no, no!
It's time. I make my way out,
My body wanting to stay,
But my feet carrying me anyway.
In the center of the empty stage.
It's my time to shine, and I'm scared.
The curtain goes up,
Spotlight turns on me,
And suddenly, I'm no longer nervous.
I'm as comfortable as I am at home on the couch.
So I let out my voice,
And sing the song without a problem.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poem #138

Today's poem is a topic that one of my friends suggested for me! :) Hope you all like it!

Pure of heart,
Fresh, special, wonderful.
Untouched, sacred, beautiful.
Loving and loved.
Caring for others,
Sweet, friendly, somewhat naive.
Not affected by the horrors of the world yet.
A clean slate which life will soon write on.
Happy, carefree, joyous.
Full potential, ready for anything.
Prepared for life, and off to a good start.
This is someone or something that is pure.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poem #137

Today's poem is a rhyme about family :)

Family Gathering
The family is together,
In all kinds of weather.
Laughing at stories,
And talking of glories.
Thinking of the present and of the past.
Making memories that will last.
We'll be together all day,
So here we will stay.
The love that we share,
Nothing can compare.
It's fun to be here.
I look forward to this each year.
Playing games, having fun,
Until the day is done.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poem #136

I thought that this would be a cool idea for a poem! :) I wrote another acrostic about a hidden message. I thought the would be neat because it's about hidden messages while, at the same time, holding a hidden message in itself (spelling out a word like acrostics). :) I hope you all enjoy it!

Hiding within the depths.
In between the lines.
Deeper meaning, look closely.
Deceptive writing surrounding it.
Extend your mind to reach all possibilities.
Never too hard to find.
Meaning, more than originally thought.
Extra information, more thinking.
Specific details that might not be seen.
So in depth, better understanding.
Actively read the whole piece.
General information becomes more detailed.
Entrance to a whole new place.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poem #135

Today's poem is another acrostic :)

Ranging in colors, delicate creation.
In someone's hair, around a present.
Big or small, long, fancy.
Beautiful, tied with care.
On your clothes, around your wrist.
Nice occasions or just for fun.

Also, happy birthday (sweet 16!) to my friend Mia P. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poem #134

Today's poem is a rhyme I wrote about my family! :) I decided a rhyme would be perfect since we are wacky like a rhyme can be! haha :)

My Family
My family is really wacky and fun.
We hang out all the time.
When together, we always laugh a ton,
That's why I'm writing this rhyme.
We laugh at stories from the past,
And silly games we'll play.
We create memories that will last.
I want them all to stay.
Sometimes we don't always call,
Each other, and we don't always agree.
But I will always love them all,
And they will always love me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poem #133

Today's poem is about a mirror. This is the "evil side" of one. The poem talks about how it will reflect things that you don't want to see back at you and try to hurt you with that. This also symbolizes self image problems that effect some of us at some point in time.

Square pane of glass,
Staring right at me.
Reflecting my feelings, my thoughts,
Everything in my face.
It reflects memories trying to be forgotten,
And things I don't want to see.
Life stares menacingly back at me,
Trying to scare me off, to hurt me.
Pry into my thoughts and pull out weapons,
Using them against me.
And I stare back,
Tears streaking my face,
And shatter the glass everywhere.
I walk away from the remains,
Not knowing who one this face off.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poem #132

Today's poem is about a photographer! I love photography so much. I take way too many pictures! haha :)

Everywhere, his camera clicks.
Capturing, forever, whatever he picks.
This is an amazing form of art,
Something that I think everyone should start.
Picture of animals and of people,
And there is a picture of a church steeple.
He'll take many pictures on a nice day,
But whenever the weather's bad, inside he'll stay.
He has beautiful pictures of sunsets on lakes,
And a few pictures of professional cakes.
He takes many pictures in the the park,
And of a dog, in the middle of a bark.
This job seems really fun.
I think I'll take pictures until the day is done.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poem #131

Hope everyone's had a good weekend! :)
Today's poem is something that I love...... Being on stage!! :) I love performing!! (acting and singing!!) :) I'm normally kinda shy and quiet (not as much anymore but still a bit) but whenever I get on stage to perform, I feel completely comfortable! :)

The Stage
On display for the world to see.
A place where I feel comfortable, excited.
Somewhere where I can let go, do what I love.
I can become someone new,
Be free, live a new life.
Completely transform from my normal self.
I'm no longer shy and quiet,
Because I don't have to be me.
I do my best, put on a performance.
This is where I want to stay.
I'm meant to be on stage.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poem #130

Good morning :)
Today's poem is a silly one about sarcasm (something that I use a lot! haha!) :) I hope you all enjoy this!

Sometimes I can seem really spastic,
And sometimes just really sarcastic.
I use it at least once a day,
I can always find some way.
"Oh really? I never would have known!"
And then sarcastic phrases are thrown.
And don't forget when I roll my eyes.
I'm not letting that moment go by.
I'll make you laugh, that's one good thing.
You never know what each day will bring.
When it comes to this, I'm one of the best,
And I can never give it a rest.
Many sayings, each with a different use.
I'm a teenager, that's my excuse!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Poem #129

Since it's such a nice day, today's poem is about scenery! :)

Life right in front of you.
The beauty, serenity, and peace.
Brilliant colors, a wonderful sight.
Something that must be seen in person.
Breathe in the sights, the sounds,
And create a lasting memory.
A place of happiness,
This is life, the world.
Wonder, majesty,
Enchantment, perfection.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poem #128

Today's poem is one that I wrote for my grandma for mother's day. I wrote her two poems and put them in a card that I drew for her! :)

Grandmas are special, grandmas are sweet.
Whenever you see them they give you a treat.
They smell like cookies and sugar and perfume,
And also like flowers that are in bloom.
Their houses are cozy, welcoming, and warm.
It will keep you safe from a storm.
No matter what, they will always care.
When you need to talk, they'll always be there.
With them, you can play games of all kinds.
They have strong and very interesting minds.
All-in-all, grandmas are fun,
Especially when they play with you in the sun.
Grandmas are the best, it's true.
And they will always love you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poem #127

More fun with acrostics :) haha


Lighting up the world, lighting up the night.
Illuminating darkness, seen for miles.
Glowing, shining bright.
Haunting or cheerful.
The whole world is bathed in,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poem #126

Hey all :)
Today I have another acrostic poem for you! :) This one is about different generations.

Gathering together as family.
Excitement, happiness, good times.
Nice to have some time together.
Everything is perfect,
Right with the world.
Amazing memories, love.
Together forever, friends, family.
It's fun to pass on traditions, family stories.
Old stories, jokes, remembered again.
Not thinking of anything but this moment.
Sharing the stories of the past.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Poem #125

Hi :)
This is another poem that is related to a poem that I did before! (The Rose)

The Darkness
Something that surrounds me,
Pulls me in and holds me prisoner.
A dark trap where nothing can be seen.
My mind stops working, thinking.
Time seems to freeze.
I feel dark, closed in, trapped.
There's no escape, no exit.
Breath leaves me.
I'm going under,
Drowning in the black and dark.
So closed up yet so empty.
Floating there, struggling to come back.
To escape.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Poem #124

Happy Mother's Day everyone! :)
Today's poem is a quick, silly rhyme :) (AABBACCDDC)

Counting and adding, subtract and divide,
And there are many more buttons on the side.
It will help you with your math,
But don't use it near the bath.
The calculator can be thin or wide.
It can solve almost everything,
But it will break if you fling.
Set it whatever way you want,
And for the answer, look on the front.
It seems to do everything but sing!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem #123

Good Morning!!
Today's poem is one that I think is one of my better ones. I really like how this came out. This poem is a romantic story and it sounds sort of like a painting.

Roses by the Lake
Sitting by the placid waters,
Crisp, clear, and sparkling in the sun.
Deep green grass blows in a breeze,
While ripples are made in the water.
Trees and a clear blue sky above,
As I look at the magnificent scene.
Red dots the grass around me.
Roses, flowering up all over,
All in beautiful blooms.
I pick the roses, placing them into the lake,
And dangling my feet over the edge.
I feel peace, happiness,
Like a princess of this mystical sight.
And the wind blows my hair back from my face,
As he comes over and places a rose in my hair.
And we sit together in each other's arms,
In this scene, like a painting.
And we watch the roses by the lake.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Poem #122

Today's poem is another day of the week poem! :) (for some reason I'm always off by a few days of the real day of the week! haha!)

It is the third day,
The weekend is coming near.
Only two more away.
But there is so much work. Oh dear!
I'm sleepy but I get through the day.
It's hard to get up and go.
I hope nothing gets in my way,
And when we get homework, I think, no!
When I get home I want to sleep.
So I go straight to my room.
I don't want to make a peep,
But I have homework, which is doom!
I look outside, there's no more sun.
Finally the day is done.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poem #121

Today's poem is sort of a spin off of a topic of one of my other poems! This one is about the "walls" that we put up around ourselves sometimes to protect us from being hurt or just to hide.

The Walls
Built up walls all around me.
They hold my personality and thoughts,
Keep them trapped within me.
The walls try to keep me safe,
But end up hurting me more.
And I can't escape them.
Can't get out, breath.
Someone needs to break them down,
To pull me from this trap.
From the wreckage of life.
But no one tries,
Because the walls keep me blocked,
Cut off from everyone.
So I stay, trapped,
And wait for something.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poem #120

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! :)
More acrostics!! :)


Brilliant, shining, sparkling.
Radiant, beautiful, stunning.
Intense, glorious, amazing.
Gorgeous, wonderful, mysterious.
Has an incredible quality.
The world is,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poem #119

Today's poem is a rhyme about colors! As you know, I did a poem for each color in the rainbow. Now, this poem is about all colors in general!! :) I hope you all enjoy it!

So many colors all around.
Look all over, up and down.
In pictures, in paintings, in everything you see.
That person's shirt is the color of a bee.
They light up the room,
But some colors are the colors of doom.
Colors will always brighten your day.
The change your world in every way.
Colors give meaning to life,
Even when it becomes a strife.
They bring interest and cheer,
To everyone all year.
The bright finger paints that children use.
Colors are things you don't want to lose.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Poem #118

Today's poem is about the american flag and flags of different countries (in general)! :)

The Flag
Stars and stripes, seen so much.
A symbol of national pride.
Cloth flapping in the breeze,
Reminding us of our history,
The life before ours.
It's what we stand for,
A sign of our home.
A familiar object, close to our hearts.
It's different for every country,
But it means the same to all,
And brings everyone closer together.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poem #117

A new acrostic poem for the second day of May!! :)


Streaming, shooting through the,
Water. Kicking, strokes,
In an intricate rhythm.
Majestic, cutting through the water.
Mission to get to the end.
Intense, hard work,
New adventures all the time.
Gliding, flying,

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poem #116

Happy May!!!! :)
Today's poem was based on three things: 1) Alice in Wonderland, 2) A topic suggestion from my friend Liz, 3) A song from the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack that I love!

Tea Party
Place a cloth on the table.
Clean up as much as you are able.
Use the nicest silverware.
Put on nice clothes and do your hair.
The invitations have been sent,
And much time has been spent,
On the preparations. This will be fun.
A really great time for everyone.
The tea is ready in the pot.
Just in case, I made a lot.
Put out the food and pieces of cake,
And for dinner, we will have some steak.
This turned out to be a great day.
Come back again so we can play!