Saturday, May 8, 2010

Poem #123

Good Morning!!
Today's poem is one that I think is one of my better ones. I really like how this came out. This poem is a romantic story and it sounds sort of like a painting.

Roses by the Lake
Sitting by the placid waters,
Crisp, clear, and sparkling in the sun.
Deep green grass blows in a breeze,
While ripples are made in the water.
Trees and a clear blue sky above,
As I look at the magnificent scene.
Red dots the grass around me.
Roses, flowering up all over,
All in beautiful blooms.
I pick the roses, placing them into the lake,
And dangling my feet over the edge.
I feel peace, happiness,
Like a princess of this mystical sight.
And the wind blows my hair back from my face,
As he comes over and places a rose in my hair.
And we sit together in each other's arms,
In this scene, like a painting.
And we watch the roses by the lake.

1 comment:

  1. That was lovely, Ari!! It really evokes a powerful set of images and moods. Beautifully done!