Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poem #130

Good morning :)
Today's poem is a silly one about sarcasm (something that I use a lot! haha!) :) I hope you all enjoy this!

Sometimes I can seem really spastic,
And sometimes just really sarcastic.
I use it at least once a day,
I can always find some way.
"Oh really? I never would have known!"
And then sarcastic phrases are thrown.
And don't forget when I roll my eyes.
I'm not letting that moment go by.
I'll make you laugh, that's one good thing.
You never know what each day will bring.
When it comes to this, I'm one of the best,
And I can never give it a rest.
Many sayings, each with a different use.
I'm a teenager, that's my excuse!

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