Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poem #133

Today's poem is about a mirror. This is the "evil side" of one. The poem talks about how it will reflect things that you don't want to see back at you and try to hurt you with that. This also symbolizes self image problems that effect some of us at some point in time.

Square pane of glass,
Staring right at me.
Reflecting my feelings, my thoughts,
Everything in my face.
It reflects memories trying to be forgotten,
And things I don't want to see.
Life stares menacingly back at me,
Trying to scare me off, to hurt me.
Pry into my thoughts and pull out weapons,
Using them against me.
And I stare back,
Tears streaking my face,
And shatter the glass everywhere.
I walk away from the remains,
Not knowing who one this face off.

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