Monday, May 24, 2010

Poem #139

Today's poem is one that is sort of near and dear to my heart! :) It is based on a memory of the opening night of my solo on stage in a play! :) I hope you all enjoy this!!!!

Heart pounding, stomach in knots,
Hands freezing cold with nervousness.
Knees shaking, head pounding,
Why am I doing this? What am I doing?
I can't remember what to do!
I can't do this! I can't!
Time is running out. Almost time to go.
Are you ready? No, no, no!
It's time. I make my way out,
My body wanting to stay,
But my feet carrying me anyway.
In the center of the empty stage.
It's my time to shine, and I'm scared.
The curtain goes up,
Spotlight turns on me,
And suddenly, I'm no longer nervous.
I'm as comfortable as I am at home on the couch.
So I let out my voice,
And sing the song without a problem.

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