Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poem #140

The topic of this poem as a very random story behind it. When I was younger, I made up this story about someone who had this tough life and to escape, went to this museum and sat in front of this painting. That what this poem is based off of!

The Painting
A picture of a peaceful scene.
Painted with delicate brush strokes.
Depicting peace, tranquility, joy.
Brilliant colors, intricate details.
And I've memorized every line, every angle.
Day after day, looking,
Finding something new within, each time.
And I wish to be in this scene.
I want to experience everything there,
See it all in person.
It's like a dream, a memory,
Giving me my own paradise to escape to.
The world seems perfect each day,
As I stare into this painting,
And am pulled into another place,
A place of pure happiness, good, safety.
A place of my own.

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