Friday, May 28, 2010

Poem #143

So tired!! exams are this week and next week!! I can't believe summer is almost here :)
Here's today's poem! :) Enjoy!!!!!! :)

The Whispers
I hear the quiet rumors,
See unspoken secrets.
They think I can’t hear them,
They think I can’t see.
But I do.
The whispers follow me everywhere.
I don’t understand them,
Why I deserve them, what I did.
I want them to end.
I want, need, to get away from them.
So I begin to run from them, to escape.
I keep going, never stopping,
Feeling like I’m out running them,
As they follow and chase me down.
And finally, I feel as if I’ve escaped.
But I haven’t, I never can,
As they echo in my head.

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