Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poem #176

The second poem of the day is about letting go.

Letting Go
I can’t get it out of my head,
Can’t shake the memories, feelings.
The thoughts stab at my heart.
It keeps invading my body.
I want to lose all of the past years,
Save myself from all of this, from life.
I miss the old days,
The way everything use to be.
People tell me to forget,
To just get over it.
But they don’t understand,
They never will.
They don’t know how hard this is for me.
I wish they could understand.
But until then, I’ll just keep trying.

Poem #175

I have two poems for you all today since I did not get a chance to post one yesterday! :) The first poem of the day is an acrostic about animals!

All different kinds in so many places.
Nature’s treasures and creations.
Important to everyone in some way.
Many different habits, ways of life.
All so interesting to learn about.
Living together all over the world.
So many different,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Poem #174

Acrostic timeeee!!!! :)
The power went out AGAIN last night!! but it's back now :) what's with all these storms??

Flawless, running smoothly.
Long, never stopping, constant.
Ongoing, flying, majestic.
Water, sometimes, or words on a page.
Interesting, intriguing, special.
Nice cool breeze or a stream in the woods.
Going fast, from trickling to,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poem #173

Ahh my sweet 16 is 3 weeks from today!! :) today's poem is about a wish :) hope you all enjoy it!!

A Wish
A dream, a hope, from the heart.
A desire of the soul.
Something wanted with your whole self.
A life you want, something you need.
Hope for a better future.
Kept a secret in the back of your mind,
Or spoken out loud, shared.
Recently thought of,
Or known since childhood.
Wished on a star,
The brightest shining one,
That will last forever in the sky,
As your wish will in your heart.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poem #172

Acrostic :) Had a great day today!!

Working at what I love to do.
Reading it over, fixing it up.
Into everything, I put a little piece of me.
Trying to make all my pieces perfect.
I write every day, practicing so hard.
Never stop, just keep writing.
Going to do the best I possibly can.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Poem #171

We all know what it's like to have to wait a long time for something or someone. Today's poem is a funny rhyme about waiting!

Why oh why is this taking so long?
A feeling of tiredness is growing strong.
For hours, I’ve been sitting around.
Just sitting here on the ground.
All of this waiting is so boring.
I feel like I want to start snoring.
I wish I had something to do,
While I wait for this to be through.
I keep hearing that we’re almost done,
But I don’t believe anyone.
I really just want to go.
What we’re waiting for, I don’t know.
Keeping me here is really not cool.
By the time we leave, I’ll be done high school!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poem #170

My power finally came back on after being out for a lot of the day! That was an insane storm earlier! Hope everyone is ok after that!!
Today's poem is another acrostic :)

Brilliant, shining bright.
Right in my face,
It’s blinding, glistening,
Growing brighter with each second.
Hot, burning brightness.
The light, a guide, leader.
Ever glowing with,
Ripe, new, fresh light.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poem #169

Today's poem is about a photograph because photography is something that I really really love!! :)

Memory captured forever.
Able to be seen at any time.
Vivid colors, beautiful composition,
Inspiring stories, thoughts, dreams.
A moment in time,
Frozen, looked back on, forever.
A reminder of the beauty of the world.
Seen by all,
Treasured forever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poem #168


Sailing, leaving, escaping.
Onward through the air.
Away, out of reach. Flying away.
Riding on the wind,
Into the wild and unknown.
Not going back,
Going without stopping.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Poem #167

Happy first day of summer!!! :)
Today's poem is appropriate for the beginning of summer. It's about the pool, which is a very popular spot in the summer time! :) (rhyme scheme is aabbaccddc)

The Pool
Among the water, I flew.
Paddling through the clear blue.
The weather’s warm, the water’s cool.
We don’t have to worry about school.
This is so much fun to do.
I keep on swimming around,
This square of water in the ground.
I’m swimming with my friends,
And hoping this day never ends,
As I listen to the spring sound.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poem #166

Acrostic for today! :) Happy birthday dad!

Thinking, constantly wondering.
Holding on to all memories.
Over and over again, they play in my mind.
Using every area of my brain.
Going through my head so quickly.
Hurting my heart and my mind.
They play with every emotion in me.
So many, too many,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poem #165

Today's poem is about something very important; Hope.
There are exactly 200 days left and I'm working really hard on some upcoming poems :) Also, tomorrow is my dad's birthday!!! :) I've spent the day decorating the house and I must say that it looks quite nice and very colorful! :)
I try to have hope at all times.
Thinking ahead, believing in the future,
In better days coming to me.
Through the hardest times,
Even when there doesn’t seem to be anything left.
It’s hard to hold on to,
But it’s like a life preserver for someone who’s drowning.
I hope for better days,
For a better life. And I know,
If I just keep holding on,
I can make it though anything.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Poem #164

Another acrostic for today! :) Exactly one month until my birthday!!!!!

Happy feeling flowing throughout me.
All the joy in the world is here with me.
Pleasant, love, friendliness.
People I love surrounding me.
Intense feelings,
Nice feelings, this is what I like.
Excited, joyful, feeling great.
Such a relief from,
Stress filling my day. Full of,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poem #163

Second poem :)

Good Day
You wake up feeling really good,
Much better than you thought you would.
Get out of bed and you’re ready to go.
This will be a good day, you know.
Go and eat your favorite meal.
Nothing can describe this joy that you feel.
Then grab your things and head out the door.
The weather’s nice. You’re ready for more.
This day is the best.
Better than the rest.
A feeling of joy is what your smile sends,
As you arrive where you said you’d meet your friends.
Here with your friends, you will stay,
Because this is a really good day.

Poem #162

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday! The day few by!!! but as usual, when I've missed a day, I will have two poems up today :)

Pursuing my dreams.
Always trying new things.
Succeeding in everything I work at.
So happy with what I do.
Into whatever I am working on.
Obtaining my goal.
Never giving up for any reason.
Any dream, I can fulfill it.
Trying my hardest, doing my best.
Everything I do. I am,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poem #161

I'm excited! :) my dad's birthday is coming up this weekend and I'm planning on writing a special poem for him :) Today's poem is about Sunday, which sort of fits since his birthday is on sunday!! :) Hope you all enjoy it :)

Last day of the weekend.
The world wants to weep.
The short break is at an end,
But I still want to sleep.
Sunday is fun but also sad.
It’s time for the start of the week.
Having to go back to work is bad.
Monday, on the horizon, peeks.
I really want to stay in bed,
But I don’t want to waste the day,
Because, as I have recently said,
The vacation is slipping away.
The sun is leaving the sky.
To the weekend, we say goodbye.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Poem #160

A rhyme that I believe fits this time of year :) It's summer and everyone has lots of free time to spend time with family and friends and go out on the town :)

Night on the Town
Out with friends for a night on the town.
We’re all here, so let’s head down.
This night will be so much fun.
We’ll party until the night is done.
It’s great to be together as friends.
Let’s hope the good times never end.
Under the lights we cruise through the city.
All the lights make the buildings look so pretty.
We’ll do everything we like to do,
And maybe go to a movie or two.
Going to all the popular places.
Seeing all the familiar faces.
Beginning to see the sun light,
This has been an amazing night.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poem #159

Today is an acrostic day! :) and congratz to my cousin for graduating college :) we are all really proud of you! I just went to her party today and it was so fun :) this poem is for her :)

Succeeding, achieving, gaining.
Understanding, learning, doing.
Conquering, rising, attaining.
Conscious of what is needed in life.
Eloquent in manner and being.
Studying hard, getting through.
So work hard for,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poem #158

Today's poem is written about a famous musician that I absolutely love, Mozart!

An amazing musician,
Genius of the arts.
Master of notes, rhythms.
Music, so famous to all,
And used everywhere.
Writer of flowing lines of song,
That pour continuously from instruments or mouths.
Notes passed down through generations,
His fame growing with each passing year.
An amazing person, a role model.
This is Mozart.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Poem #157

Acrostic for today's poem :)

Just wanting what others have.
Everything, you want it all to be yours.
Always wanting more, never satisfied.
Longing for everything but what you have.
Others don’t ever what to be like that.
Ugly characteristic to be had.
So unsatisfied, wanting what you can’t have.
You are full of,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poem #156

Day of the week rhyme:

We are finally at the start,
Of the weekend at last.
All thoughts of school part.
This weekend will be better than those past.
I slept really late,
Like every weekend.
I might go on a date,
Or maybe just out with a friend.
I might go out for a short walk.
Lie back and watch a show.
Call up some friends and have a talk,
Or enjoy having nowhere to go!
Such a perfect day to rest.
It was the definitely the best!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poem #155

I got all my exams back today! :) it's finally my last day of school! We aren't really doing anything today and now I have to wait around for and hour and a half but this gives me a lot of time to write, which I have been doing!!! :)
Keeping up with the pattern that I have been doing lately, I have another acrostic for you guys! Hope you enjoy it!

Magic, unknown, unbelievable.
Your dreams, thoughts, world.
Surprising, outstanding, unimaginable.
Typically not seen every day.
Intense, exciting, imagination.
Creation of the world, of life.
Awe-inspiring, memory, feelings.
Life changing experience.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poem #154

Singing at the game went really well last night and the whole night was a ton of fun :) Today's poem is one that I wrote about my uncle (mom's brother), who is a big role model in my life.

Role Model
Possessing talent I wish to have one day,
Doing my hobbies as a profession.
Extremely talented, universal talent.
I’ve looked up to him my entire life,
His accomplishments, abilities, and qualities.
They way he does so much,
And makes everything seem so easy.
And his personal qualities,
Personality, manner, friendliness,
Kindness, loves and cares for his family,
And has many close friends.
He knows how to have fun,
He can still be wacky and professional.
He’s an amazing musician,
My uncle, and my role model.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Poem #153

acrostics!! :)
Wish me and my choir luck for singing at the Phillies game tonight!!!! :)

Majestic, scenic, beautiful.
Outstanding, memorable.
Unique, silent wonder.
Nature, the world.
Tall, snow-capped peaks.
Amazing sight, picturesque.
Intricately detailed chipped rocks.
Not average but extraordinary.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poem #152

Busy day! Sorry this is so late! :)
I'm so excited because I'm going to be singing at the Phillies game tomorrow with my choir! It's gonna be so much fun!!

Teenagers come in all different kinds.
Different personalities and different minds.
Wanting to grow up really fast,
But also making the teenage years last.
Some are scary, some are cool,
And some really don’t want to be in school.
When in school, they must really strive.
And during these years they learn how to drive.
Maybe they will get a car.
They spend these years finding out who they are.
They constantly worry about how to dress,
And their lives are filled up with tons of stress.
But no matter what you hear,
These are some of the best years.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Poem #151

Acrostic!!!! :) I'm sort of alternating between free verse or rhyme and acrostics at the moment :)

Shining, beautiful, wonderful.
Putting feelings of hope into all hearts.
Always glowing, never stopping. Everything feels,
Right with the world, with life.
Kindling a spark, a flame, in everyone.
Lighting up the world.
Intense, bright, mystical.
Never ending shine,
Glistening, glittering,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Poem #150

Today's poem is another very special poem. I wrote this to/about my grandma! Hope you enjoy it :)

My best friend forever.
The nicest person I know.
She never yells, she’s kind to all,
And gets along with everyone she meets.
She is experienced, been through a lot.
Wise, learned, tells wonderful stories,
And so much fun to be with.
Talented in many ways, with a beautiful voice,
And an amazing cook.
She always has a warm, welcoming hug and smile for me,
And she and I will sit together for hours and talk.
She always listens and makes things better.
I love spending the day at her house.
We do fun activities, share special jokes,
Draw, read, or enjoy each other’s company.
I love her and she loves me.
My grandma, my buddy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Poem #149

I finally finished all my exams!! :) now i have tons of time to write more poems for you guys! :) here is today's poem!

A timeless story told,
To everyone, young and old.
A tale of a king and a queen,
In a beautiful castle that is seen,
For miles around.
And on the ground,
Beautiful flowers,
With a smell that overpowers.
Inside, decorations so ornate,
And many items from and much earlier date.
A tale of joy and love,
And peaceful scenery with flying doves.
Shared to everyone at any life stage,
A story passed down from age to age.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poem #148

Ahh tomorrow is my last day of exams!! :) I can't believe the year is over! Now i'll have tons of time to do some writing!! yay! :)
Acrostic for today's poem :)

Everything around us,
Nature, animals, the world.
Very beautiful, intricate, wonderful.
Inside, where you live.
Rivers running, flowers growing.
Outside, where you travel.
Necessary to all, to everyone and everything.
Marvelous natural creations.
Earth, life, everything.
Needs our help to keep it clean.
Time to protect our,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poem #147

Happy June!!
Today's poem is one that I wrote about a special moment in everyone's lives, a first kiss! :)

First Kiss
A most memorable moment.
A rush of emotions,
Spirits soaring, lightening up.
Hearts beating faster.
A special bond being formed,
Joining two souls together.
Love, intensifying with every second.
Unforgettable time and feeling,
And like nothing ever experienced before.
The first kiss is one of the best,
And the most special moments in life.
Flying through the air,
Leaving the world behind.
Entering into peaceful bliss about the clouds,
And the only two people in sight.