Friday, June 4, 2010

Poem #150

Today's poem is another very special poem. I wrote this to/about my grandma! Hope you enjoy it :)

My best friend forever.
The nicest person I know.
She never yells, she’s kind to all,
And gets along with everyone she meets.
She is experienced, been through a lot.
Wise, learned, tells wonderful stories,
And so much fun to be with.
Talented in many ways, with a beautiful voice,
And an amazing cook.
She always has a warm, welcoming hug and smile for me,
And she and I will sit together for hours and talk.
She always listens and makes things better.
I love spending the day at her house.
We do fun activities, share special jokes,
Draw, read, or enjoy each other’s company.
I love her and she loves me.
My grandma, my buddy.

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