Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Poem #154

Singing at the game went really well last night and the whole night was a ton of fun :) Today's poem is one that I wrote about my uncle (mom's brother), who is a big role model in my life.

Role Model
Possessing talent I wish to have one day,
Doing my hobbies as a profession.
Extremely talented, universal talent.
I’ve looked up to him my entire life,
His accomplishments, abilities, and qualities.
They way he does so much,
And makes everything seem so easy.
And his personal qualities,
Personality, manner, friendliness,
Kindness, loves and cares for his family,
And has many close friends.
He knows how to have fun,
He can still be wacky and professional.
He’s an amazing musician,
My uncle, and my role model.

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