Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poem #177

Happy July Everyone! Just a quick note, i can't believe I'm heading into my 7th month of this challenge (that means I'm halfway there!)! The time as just flown by! Thank you all for reading and I hope you've been enjoying the poems so far! There are still many more to come. I appreciate all of your feedback so please, keep that up :) and if you have any suggestions for topics, please feel free to share them with me! :) Keep reading, and thanks for all of your support!!!!
Since it's July and we have a holiday coming up in 4 days, today's poem is about holidays!

A time of joy, rest, and love.
Seeing family once again,
After so much time apart.
Celebrating, giving gifts,
Spreading happiness all over the world.
Eating great meals together,
Sharing stories, memories,
At night by the fire or around the table.
Creating new memories to last for years.
The holidays are amazing!

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