Friday, July 2, 2010

Poem #178

Hey! Hope everyone's July is off to a great start!! Sadly, my computer has some sort of virus on it so I'm having trouble accessing certain things including my documents but luckily I have found a way around it so I can get to my poems until it is fixed! On a more positive note, I've been writing a ton recently! There are lots of cool new poems coming up so keep reading. :)

Finally the week is done.
Now we can really have some fun.
Staying up late, sleeping in,
It’s time for the weekend to begin.
Spend the night out with friends,
Wishing that the fun will never end.
Rest inside or go out.
A time to relax, without a doubt.
So many things you can do,
Since you finally get time for you.
No more worrying about that test you took.
You’ll have time to read a book.
This day was worth the wait.
Fridays are really great!

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