Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poem #193

Tomorrow is my 16th birthday!! I'm so excited and it's gonna be such a fun day with friends and family! :) I also have a really special poem for tomorrow so make sure to read that :)))) Also, today is my uncle's birthday so happy birthday to him :) I can't wait to see him tomorrow!
Today's topic is one that one of my good friends, Mia P. (since i know two Mias hahahaha), suggested to me.

Something everyone wants to achieve,
But no one ever can.
We think people have, and envy them,
But they think the same of us.
We build our lives around the idea,
But it is impossible,
A figment of our imagination.
There is no such thing as the perfection we think of.
We are all amazing, made how we should be.
We shouldn’t force ourselves to change.
Especially into something we can’t be.
Stop striving for perfection.
Be happy with who you are.

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