Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poem #194

It's my birthday!!!! :) Hahaha yayy I'm so excited :) I have a special poem for today as promised! It's a reflective poem. It's all about my past years. I thought that would be a good poem for today since I'm another year older! :) Hope you all enjoy it!

Past Years
Through the past years there have been many ups and downs.
I’ve grown into who I am today.
The good and bad times have shaped my personality.
Emotional, disagreements, and fun times,
A roller coaster, a ride over a bumpy road.
Lost and gained friends I will never forget.
Fallen in and out of love.
Surviving these years has sometimes been a trial,
As I fought challenges that came my way,
Struggling to make it this far.
Pushing through two trying high school years,
Battling the constant physical pain I deal with each day,
As well as the emotional.
But I’ve always had my friends and family,
There to help me no matter what happens.
And now, looking back on the years past,
No matter what has happened to me,
I’m glad I pushed myself through it, become stronger,
And had the people I had in my life, always with me.
I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

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