Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poem #200

IT'S THE 200th POEM!!! :) YAY! I can't believe I have already done this many poems and that I'm this far into this project already! :) It's been so much fun! Today's special poem is about poetry, which I thought would be appropriate for the day of the 200th poem.

Musical, lyrical lines flowing on a page,
Playing out a scene, telling a story.
Reading it to take you to a whole new place,
Discover a whole new world,
A window into the author's mind.
Running free on the lines or structured into an order.
Expressing innermost thoughts and feelings,
Deepest desires and wishes of the writer.
Truthful thoughts and feelings.
Beautiful words, phrases, meanings.
Symbolic, deeper meanings are within.
Read closely, discover the true meaning.
Bringing joy, comfort to those in need.
Maybe making someone's day brighter,
Sending a laugh their way.
Or giving someone something to relate to,
Making them feel like they aren't alone.
Touching, heartfelt pieces of art,
Something which is to be enjoyed forever.
Giving you a place to go to relax,
As the words swirl around in your head,
And form a picture,
That you can look at forever.
This is poetry.

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