Sunday, July 25, 2010

Poem #201

I hope everyone enjoyed the 200th poem yesterday :) As you may have noticed, there are new buttons at the bottom of each post. You can now send links to these poems on different sites such as twitter, facebook, and blogger! :) So send links of poems that you like to friends and family :) And speaking of this, follow me on twitter: @Ajaxsinger101 (that's the account I update the most) and on facebook (search: Ari Mackenzie-Locastro, or 365 Days, 365 Poems) And one last thing.......
Enjoy today's acrostic!!! :))))))) summer-y theme :)

It is a treat that everyone can enjoy.
Cooling your mouth, refreshing.
Every bite, a little bit of creamy joy.
Cold, tasty treat for any occasion.
Really popular during the hot summer.
Everyone has a different preference for the flavor.
A large variety of toppings to be put on the,
Many different, delicious flavors of,

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