Monday, July 26, 2010

Poem #202

Afternoon everyone :)
Today's poem is called Fame. It's about the life of a celebrity and how it might not always be as good as everyone thinks! Hope you all enjoy it :)

The name on everyone’s lips.
Known all around the world, by many.
Your picture plastered all over town,
And your name in articles of magazines.
The parties, the friends, the glamorous lifestyle,
Fancy clothes, limos, huge house.
The fame, the fortune, seems like all you’ve ever wanted.
You’re free, reckless, rebellious,
Following your own rules with no care.
But the life begins to wear you down.
It destroys who you once were,
Changes you in to someone unrecognizable.
It’s hurting you, ruining you.
You let it get out of hand, and you are falling.
And you become famous in a way you wish you hadn’t,
As you go further away from yourself,
And reality begins to set in.
You look at yourself, what has happened,
And you want to go back, go home.
But this is harder with each passing minute.
You realize this is not what you wanted,
This life is not so glamorous after all.

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