Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poem #204

Hello Everyone!
I'm so excited because the last few days I've been singing and writing music a lot, which is so much fun :)))) Today's poem is called "Change Myself".

Change Myself
I feel as though I need to change myself,
Make myself into a brand new person,
Just to please you, make you happy.
You want me to be someone different,
Someone I’m not.
You tell me how much you love me,
Then ask me to change who I am.
But I want to just be myself,
I don’t want to change just to suit you.
I need to be with someone who loves me for real,
For who I am already.
So when you tell me you love me,
I cannot believe you.
And you’ve hurt my by acting like this.
You treat me like I am nothing at all.
It kills me inside to have to pretend,
To think how I believed you truly loved me,
Only to have my heart shattered.
So no matter how hard you try to change me,
I will never change myself for you.

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