Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poem #238

Hey everyone! :)
Today's poem is a love poem! It's semi based on Romeo and Juliet which is one of my all time favorite stories. I hope you all enjoy this :)

Secret Love
Their love is a secret love.
They spend their time together, in hiding.
The love is so deep, so strong,
Dying to be expressed outwardly in public,
Wanting to be shouted to the world.
But it can never be spoken of,
Not to a single living soul.
Behind their love is a sort of fear,
Fear that they will be caught and taken apart,
Never see each other again.
This, and their constant hiding,
Not being able to share these truly happy feelings,
Places a strain on their relationship.
But they know that their love goes deep,
And they cannot let anything tear them apart.
They also know the severity of what they are doing.
Their love goes against how they were brought up,
Against their families and the rules of their households.
So the questions are placed before them.
Can they hurt their families so that they can love one another?
Or can they give up something this strong,
For a trivial family matter?
And is this choice that they have to make, fair?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Poem #237

Well....i guess I didn't post a whole lot earlier....so I shall start tomorrow! haha :) I was out most of the day today with some friends and I've just gotten back to my computer! But here is today's poem :) (Another school poem)

Elementary School
The first years of school, they go by too fast,
No matter how long you try to make them last.
And when you remember, back you’ll want to go.
But you can’t ever do that you know.
Fun activities and playing with friends,
And learning about the latest trends.
There’s a lot less homework to do,
And everything you learn is something completely new.
The excitement of growing up can sometimes deceive.
This is a place you won’t want to leave.
Making friendships to last so long,
The connections you make will be very strong.
Even though there may be some subjects you hate,
You’ll feel very proud when you graduate.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poem #236

Hey everyone :)
Sorry this is being posted so late, I had sort of a strange day and I wasn't near my computer for a long time. But I hope to be posting earlier starting tomorrow! Today's poem is another summery-themed poem about fireworks!!

Boom and crash, a very loud sound,
And sparks will fall upon the ground.
Beautiful colors sparkle in the air,
Enough to make everyone stare.
It’s such a beautiful sight to see,
As you relax beneath a tree.
A warm night is the best time for a show,
So gather up everyone you know.
Sit back and watch the bursts of light,
As they begin to illuminate the night.
Setting them off is not easy to do,
So watch until the entire show is through.
Watch the little kids as they point,
This show will not disappoint.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poem #235

Today is a fun summer acrostic day!!! :)

Carousels, roller coasters, prizes to win.
Animals of all different kinds, doing tricks.
Rides as far as the eye can see.
Nobody wants to leave the excitement.
Ice cream, cotton candy, so many treats.
Vehicles taking up all the parking spots.
Arcade games, played by everyone around.
Lots of entertaining things to do at the,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poem #234

Second poem of the day :)

Stopping Time
I wish I could control time,
Fast forward over those hard moments.
Rewind and replay those fun times I’ve had,
And stop time at moments like these.
Stop time so I can love you forever,
Never lose you like I will,
Keep you with me, get to know you more.
Make more memories with you.
We would spend so much time together,
Replay our best moments as much as we want.
Freeze the world around us.
But every time I think back on us,
It’s like I can live those times again.
When I am with you,
I feel like I can get through all those hard moments.
And when our eyes meet,
I feel as though the world around us disappears,
And time has really stopped.

Poem #233

Hey Guys :)
Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I was out all night with friends from out of town. But today I will be posting two poems!! :)

Candle Light
Shedding a small circle of light,
Flickering as a light breeze blows.
Burning, fiery bright, golden and orange.
Casting spooky shadows on the wall,
As people gather around the faint glow.
Filling the room with an old world charm,
Emitting an air of mystery into the room.
A comforting, calming sight.
Hot wax melting, running down the sides,
Forming into shaped at the very bottom.
Soft light, outlining shapes around.
Romantic, peaceful, beautiful,
Candle light.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poem #232

Hey Everybody :)
Since we are getting so close to the beginning of the school year (or have started it already!) I decided that today might be a good day for a school poem.

Middle School
The middle years, a time for discovery,
Although you may need some time for recovery.
This is when you find out who you are,
And maybe even become a star.
These years can be very tough, though.
You may want to turn around and go.
But if you push through, it will give you a good start,
And friendships that can never be torn apart.
You’ll learn a lot from all that you do,
And you’ll be happy when you’ve made it through.
These years are a big transition,
And you will find your worldly position.
These years will be hard, but when you are done,
You’ll realize that you actually had some fun.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poem #231

Hey :)
I've been out a lot of the day. Crazy day!!! haha :) So I thought it would be a good idea to write an acrostic for the day! :) This poem today has been something I've been thinking about a lot because of a few people I've had the good fortune of talking with a lot lately (For instance, Marie who I mentioned yesterday and Jen, one of my friends from my old school!)! So this is for them! :)

Great friend, extremely kind,
Only the nicest people can be called this.
Oh so important to you in your life.
Doing good deeds, volunteering their time.
An all around good person.
Sympathetic, someone you can talk to,
Good listener, good at giving helpful advice.
Obeying the rules of the world,
Lawful, pleasant all the time, always smiling.
Do all of these things and you will be,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Poem #230

Hey All :)
Today I wanted to start out with a note to all of you :) I've recently met an extremely nice person named Marie Brew. She's so sweet and such an amazing writer!! :) We've had some really nice chats and she was nice enough to write feature story about me on her website: http://livelovespeak.com/inspiration/writing-365-poems-for-365-days-aris-finding-her-way . Also, you should all check out her other post on the site: http://livelovespeak.com/ because they are so incredible and inspirational and the messages she is trying to get across to us are all extremely important for us to know about! Also, become a fan of her site on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/llshappy and follow her on twitter: @livelovespeak .
So, after everything she has done for me in the past few days, I thought I would like to write her a poem :) The poem is about listening, which is something that she is so good and is very important to her :) So Marie, this is for you! And thanks for listening to me. I'll always be here to listen you too :) Hope you all enjoy this poem and Marie's website :)

Listen to your life,
And you can hear the sounds of your world.
The birds singing messages outside,
Wind rustling leaves on the trees,
Sending a peaceful, cool, breeze across your face.
Dogs bark, children playing and laughing.
Cars driving up and down the streets.
And listen to yourself,
Hear what your mind is saying,
What your heart is telling you to do.
Listening brings a new dimension to everything,
Enhancing your life, your take on the world.
Listen to what people have to say,
To your friends and your family.
Help them when they need someone to talk to.
Listen to music to pick up your spirits,
Or to a joke to make you laugh.
No matter what happens in life,
It will always be important to listen.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Poem #229

Hello Everyone!! :)
Acrostic today!!! :) yayy!

Imprinting your personality in the world.
Meeting new people, showing them who you are,
Putting an idea of yourself into others minds.
Really important in everyday life.
Expressing who you are to anyone you meet.
Sharing yourself with whoever you know.
Sometimes, the first impression matters most.
Interests, emotions, hobbies, all factor in.
Outwardly expressing every bit of your personality.
Notice the importance of your first,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Poem #228

Hey everyone :) Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!
Today's poem is about reflections, both ones you see and ones you think. And it's also about how sometimes you want to get away from them or to forget about them for a while. I hope you all enjoy it! :)

Standing in front of the glass, staring.
My reflection shines back to me.
Walking down the street, past shop windows,
I see my reflection once again.
Following me everywhere I go,
I can never get away from it,
No matter how hard I will try to.
I’m no longer recognizable,
I’ve been torn apart, changed so much.
So I don’t want to look anymore.
And my mind works in the same way.
I feel as though I can’t control it,
As it reflects back on time I don’t want to remember.
Emotions I don’t want to feel come back.
Shining back stories I don’t want to see, into my eyes.
And I can’t get away from this either.
It haunts me, follows me, wherever I go.
I wish these reflections would stop.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Poem #227

Today's poem is kind of random. There is no really important or deep reason for me writing about this! haha :) I just thought it would be a fun topic to do a poem about :) I hope you all enjoy it!

Sugary sweet with sprinkles on top.
So much better when they’re not from a shop.
Tasty pink icing swirled all around.
Be sure not to drop a single one on the ground.
Baking in the oven, they smell so good,
So you know they’re cooking as they should.
They taste the best when they’re fresh and warm,
But get one quick because others will swarm.
They are easy to make if you set aside some time.
Make them from scratch and it won’t cost a dime.
Put a cherry on top for a fun decoration.
Your cupcakes will be a huge sensation.
They are so fluffy and fun to eat.
This is one really amazing treat.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poem #226

Acrostic day :))))

Society describes a group of people living together.
On each other, they depend greatly.
Calling everyone together as one body.
It’s where you live, rules you live by.
Everyone contributes, makes it up.
Tries to label you, but be yourself.
You are a part of this,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poem #225

Today's poem is about choosing between two people that you love. It's from the point of view of someone who is torn between two loves and is having trouble making a choice.

Torn Between Loves
Not knowing which way to turn,
My heart yanks in two different directions.
My feelings for both are almost equal.
I can’t get either of them off my mind,
But which one should I choose?
My thoughts race through the choices,
My heart pounds when I see them.
So confused, I can’t decide.
I’m stuck in the middle of my desires.
My heart begins to lean in one direction,
But is then pulled back by the other.
And pain shoots through my stomach,
When I think about giving one up,
Or maybe both of them.
I don’t know how to deal with this,
And it’s driving me crazy.
Head spinning with every feeling,
I begin to realize what my choice is.
And even though it kills me inside,
I must break away from them both,
Because I can’t live like this,
Torn between loves.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poem #224

I'm still so tired for everything that happened yesterday for my mom's birthday and after getting to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning! haha!
Today I am posting a new acrostic :) This one is about unrequited love.

Undying love, but only felt by one person.
Not returned, feelings never satisfied.
Regretting the love but not being able to change.
Envying those other couples, so much in love.
Quit, that’s what you wish to do.
Unshakable feelings, though you don’t want them.
Inevitable, the love is not meant to be,
The pain in your heart because of this,
Every day, pounding in your chest.
Do you think this could ever work out?
Let it, one day, please. You wish constantly.
One day, maybe you will feel the love returned.
Very persistent, haunting your thoughts.
Every moment you are reminded of that,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Poem #223

Today is my mom's birthday! :) We had a really fun party for her today!
Today's poem is a rhyme about motion! hope you all enjoy it :)

Walking around, running, free,
When we were little we use to climb trees.
Spinning in circles, jumping around,
Becoming dizzy and landing on the ground.
Swinging on swings, playing on a slide,
Down a snow covered hill you glide.
Swimming through water, flying through air.
Doing any activity you dare.
Riding a skateboard, scooter, or bike,
Or into the woods for a fun little hike.
Staying active, moving about,
It’s even more fun when you can go out.
Dancing all over and having so much fun.
Staying in motion until the day is done.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poem #222

Second poem :)

Chosen Road
So many choices to make.
Different places to go, paths to follow.
Many roads trying to pull you down them,
But not all of them are the right way.
Some want to pull you from the path,
Give you the wrong directions, ideas,
And you become lost, no way back.
Each path is a new adventure,
A new way of life, new scenery.
Put much thought into your choice.
Your chosen road defines your life.
And when you know where to go,
Run down the path and don’t look back.

Poem #221

Sorry about not posting yesterday! I've been away from computers a lot the past couple days. I was out at a concert most of the night last night. Anyway, today I will be posting two poems!! :))) Enjoyyy :)

Extra characters, behind the scenes.
Working in the background, going unnoticed.
Helping with the process, moving it along.
They play a bigger role than they are given credit.
Stealing the show or contributing the most.
Holding everything together, keeping the peace.
Those who don’t want to be up front,
Either in a performance or maybe a project.
They work harder than a lot of people,
And they improve many things a great deal.
Nothing could be done without extras.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Poem #220

Acrostic poem today :) (sorry this is so late. I wasn't near my computer most of the day)

Surprising, really good news.
Exciting, important, worth sharing,
Never becoming dull.
Story to tell, something to share.
Amazing, happiness, great.
Talking about it wherever you go.
Intriguing, interesting to all.
Ongoing, constant, wonderful.
No one can spoil this feeling.
All must know of this occurrence.
Let the world know that this is,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poem #219

Today's poem is a sad poem :( The title is pretty self explanatory I think :) haha

Building up within my eyes.
Pushing out, threatening to overflow.
Little trickles down my cheeks.
Letting them out because they sting my eyes.
I feel stabs in my stomach and heart,
As the bad memories force their way into my mind.
I’m hurting, but I try to hide it.
No one knows how bad it damages my soul,
How upset I’ve become.
My mind kills me.
But I don’t want anyone to know.
So I sit alone,
In the dark of my room,
And let the tears run freely.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poem #218

Today's poem is called Edge of Danger. It's sort of an action poem :)

Edge of Danger
Walking along the fine line,
Between safety and danger.
Being pulled toward my fears.
Adrenaline rushing though me.
Nervous and scared, but excited.
Running from the unseen danger,
Darkness, trying to swallow me whole.
It’s hard for me to escape.
I need to be saved.
I’m right on the edge,
And it’s about to give out,
Crumble and full down in an abyss.
Pulled closer to danger.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poem #217

acrostic poem time :)

Running through the mind.
Every detail is kept within.
Memories that warm the heart or haunt the soul.
Ever-present, always with you.
Makes the mind spin, work, think.
Burning in your head, heart.
Remembering your past, your history.
A thought that brings old feelings back.
Never disappearing, sticks with you.
Completing your personality, who you are.
Every thought comes back through,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Poem #216

Hey all :)
Today's poem is called "Mean Girls" and no it is not really based off of the movie! haha :) It's just about girls in general who, especially during the high school years, become what we call "mean girls".

Mean Girls
Grouped together all the time,
Never letting anyone else join them.
Taunting, teasing everyone in sight,
Especially if they are nothing like them.
Fighting constantly over unimportant topics.
Hurting people wherever they go,
Even their friends and family.
Never feeling bad for anything they do,
Or for leaving a trail of disaster behind,
Wrecking some people's lives.
They have no feelings of regret,
Because they enjoy doing what they do.
Others want to join their group,
Be a part of them.
But it's hard to get in and stay in,
But who wants to be like them anyway?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poem #215

Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's poems :)
Today's poem is a funny little rhyme about imagination!

When you are full of imagination,
Your life will be an amazing creation.
You can create a world that’s new,
And full of everything that’s meant for you.
Take a magical trip so you can rest.
This world will be the best.
You can change a dull day into tons of fun.
And even if you’re on the run,
You can use things around you to create a place,
A fun little journey to your own little space.
It’s great to think up an interesting story,
Where you accomplish some amazing glory.
You will be a new sensation,
If you use your imagination!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Poem #214

The second poem :)

Bright, shining, white hot.
Using up everything around it.
Resisting attempts to stop it.
Never stopping, flaming.
Insistent, lighting up the dark.
Needing fuel, burning thoughts in your mind.
Going on and on, persistent,

Poem #213

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to post a poem yesterday but I didn't really have a chance to get to my computer. :( But, as I usually do, today you will get two poems!!! :)

Date Night
Spend a night on the town,
We’ll go all around.
A walk together thorough the park,
Before it gets to dark,
Then to a nice restaurant for a meal.
Our date night is a very big deal.
I will wear my best dress,
I really would like to impress.
Maybe you will take me somewhere to dance.
This night will be full of romance.
Neither of us cares about the weather,
We just want to be together.
The night was great, I love you so much.
Let’s make sure that we stay in touch.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poem #212

Today's poem is about the relationship between a girl and a guy. The guy has a huge crush on the girl but she doesn't like him.
Hope you all enjoy it :)

Beautiful Torture
She passes by him every day,
Flaunting her beauty right in front of him.
Leading him on, making him fall deeper in love,
Knowing what she is doing to him,
And never intending to return his feelings.
He keeps seeing her all the time,
Both in person and in his thoughts.
He desires to be loved by her,
Wishes that they could be together,
But he is beginning to lose hope of that.
She teases him all the time,
Laughing with her friends at him, his reaction.
She finds him a joke, doesn’t care about what she’s doing to him.
She thinks the whole this is a game.
Torturing him for her own amusement.
What is happening is hurting him,
His heart has been broken, torn from his chest.
Her actions send stabs of pain through his stomach.
Even though he can tell what she is doing,
He can’t change his feelings for her.
He feels helpless, giving in to her beautiful torture.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem #211

Hey everyone!! :)
Today's poem is about being daring in many many different ways!

Braving the challenges that life throws my way,
No matter how tough they may seem.
Holding on to who I really am inside,
Even if the world sometimes criticizes me.
I still live the way I want to live.
Daring to be different than all the rest,
To shake up the world,
Bring a new flavor into everyone’s lives.
Daring to open the hearts of the world,
To accepting changes and differences of others.
Challenging all that is familiar to us,
Breaking others from the mold of those around them,
Free of society’s chains that once held them back.
And daring myself every day.
Daring myself to be the best I can be,
To overcome obstacles, live up to my promises,
And fulfill all of my dreams,
No matter how large or unbelievable.
I am daring you to do the same.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem #210

I'm writing poems about some of my family and friends as I have said before and this is one of them :) This one is about one of my cousins on my mom's side.

Wacky and funny, he’s a silly one!
I love to talk to him, he’s so much fun.
I wish I could see him more often though.
The last time I did was a while ago.
He always had funny stories to tell,
And he plays the organ very well.
He’s talented and very smart,
And he has got a very big heart.
I love when he comes over for dinner.
Every joke he tells is always a winner.
I wish he lived closer to here,
Because we only get to see each other a few times a year.
I love him and he loves me,
I’m glad we’re in the same family.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Poem #209

Acrostic dayyyyy :) haha :)

Imperfect, but just right.
Me, you, everyone, we all have our imperfections.
Perfect, who you should be, but not in every way.
Everything we do is not always good, but we are,
Right where we should be in the world.
Flaws are human nature.
Everything might seem wrong,
Causing you to doubt yourself.
The imperfections, though, make you human.
In this world, no one can be perfect.
Only, everyone is made the perfect way.
Now, you see, everyone has an,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poem #208

Happy August!! :)
This is my first August poem and it's called "Movie Night". I thought this would be an appropriate poem because at this point in summer a lot of people have movie nights with friends and family and also, there are a lot of really good movies out right now that everyone is going to see. Hope you all enjoy this :)

Movie Night
Gather up some movies, your favorite ones.
A really fun evening has just begun.
Pick a scary movie to watch tonight,
One that will give you quite a fright.
Or maybe pick one that fills you with joy,
Or a love story between a girl and a boy.
Maybe watch a comedy or mystery,
Or something about our history.
There are so many different movies to choose,
With all these choices, you can’t possibly lose.
Pop some popcorn for a snack you can eat,
Or maybe a sandwich or a sweet treat.
Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show,
And don’t forget to invite some friends you know.