Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem #210

I'm writing poems about some of my family and friends as I have said before and this is one of them :) This one is about one of my cousins on my mom's side.

Wacky and funny, he’s a silly one!
I love to talk to him, he’s so much fun.
I wish I could see him more often though.
The last time I did was a while ago.
He always had funny stories to tell,
And he plays the organ very well.
He’s talented and very smart,
And he has got a very big heart.
I love when he comes over for dinner.
Every joke he tells is always a winner.
I wish he lived closer to here,
Because we only get to see each other a few times a year.
I love him and he loves me,
I’m glad we’re in the same family.

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