Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poem #211

Hey everyone!! :)
Today's poem is about being daring in many many different ways!

Braving the challenges that life throws my way,
No matter how tough they may seem.
Holding on to who I really am inside,
Even if the world sometimes criticizes me.
I still live the way I want to live.
Daring to be different than all the rest,
To shake up the world,
Bring a new flavor into everyone’s lives.
Daring to open the hearts of the world,
To accepting changes and differences of others.
Challenging all that is familiar to us,
Breaking others from the mold of those around them,
Free of society’s chains that once held them back.
And daring myself every day.
Daring myself to be the best I can be,
To overcome obstacles, live up to my promises,
And fulfill all of my dreams,
No matter how large or unbelievable.
I am daring you to do the same.

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