Thursday, August 5, 2010

Poem #212

Today's poem is about the relationship between a girl and a guy. The guy has a huge crush on the girl but she doesn't like him.
Hope you all enjoy it :)

Beautiful Torture
She passes by him every day,
Flaunting her beauty right in front of him.
Leading him on, making him fall deeper in love,
Knowing what she is doing to him,
And never intending to return his feelings.
He keeps seeing her all the time,
Both in person and in his thoughts.
He desires to be loved by her,
Wishes that they could be together,
But he is beginning to lose hope of that.
She teases him all the time,
Laughing with her friends at him, his reaction.
She finds him a joke, doesn’t care about what she’s doing to him.
She thinks the whole this is a game.
Torturing him for her own amusement.
What is happening is hurting him,
His heart has been broken, torn from his chest.
Her actions send stabs of pain through his stomach.
Even though he can tell what she is doing,
He can’t change his feelings for her.
He feels helpless, giving in to her beautiful torture.

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