Monday, August 9, 2010

Poem #216

Hey all :)
Today's poem is called "Mean Girls" and no it is not really based off of the movie! haha :) It's just about girls in general who, especially during the high school years, become what we call "mean girls".

Mean Girls
Grouped together all the time,
Never letting anyone else join them.
Taunting, teasing everyone in sight,
Especially if they are nothing like them.
Fighting constantly over unimportant topics.
Hurting people wherever they go,
Even their friends and family.
Never feeling bad for anything they do,
Or for leaving a trail of disaster behind,
Wrecking some people's lives.
They have no feelings of regret,
Because they enjoy doing what they do.
Others want to join their group,
Be a part of them.
But it's hard to get in and stay in,
But who wants to be like them anyway?

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