Monday, August 23, 2010

Poem #230

Hey All :)
Today I wanted to start out with a note to all of you :) I've recently met an extremely nice person named Marie Brew. She's so sweet and such an amazing writer!! :) We've had some really nice chats and she was nice enough to write feature story about me on her website: . Also, you should all check out her other post on the site: because they are so incredible and inspirational and the messages she is trying to get across to us are all extremely important for us to know about! Also, become a fan of her site on facebook:!/llshappy and follow her on twitter: @livelovespeak .
So, after everything she has done for me in the past few days, I thought I would like to write her a poem :) The poem is about listening, which is something that she is so good and is very important to her :) So Marie, this is for you! And thanks for listening to me. I'll always be here to listen you too :) Hope you all enjoy this poem and Marie's website :)

Listen to your life,
And you can hear the sounds of your world.
The birds singing messages outside,
Wind rustling leaves on the trees,
Sending a peaceful, cool, breeze across your face.
Dogs bark, children playing and laughing.
Cars driving up and down the streets.
And listen to yourself,
Hear what your mind is saying,
What your heart is telling you to do.
Listening brings a new dimension to everything,
Enhancing your life, your take on the world.
Listen to what people have to say,
To your friends and your family.
Help them when they need someone to talk to.
Listen to music to pick up your spirits,
Or to a joke to make you laugh.
No matter what happens in life,
It will always be important to listen.

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  1. Ari Mackenzie-Locastro you are beautiful, strong, and sincere. You are so talented in many aspects of life and you will go so far. This poem really touched my heart just like every other poem you write does and just like you do! Being different truly makes us beautiful and I thank god for bringing you into my life. Keep writing my dear you are someone special.

    With all my love,
    Marie Brew