Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poem #232

Hey Everybody :)
Since we are getting so close to the beginning of the school year (or have started it already!) I decided that today might be a good day for a school poem.

Middle School
The middle years, a time for discovery,
Although you may need some time for recovery.
This is when you find out who you are,
And maybe even become a star.
These years can be very tough, though.
You may want to turn around and go.
But if you push through, it will give you a good start,
And friendships that can never be torn apart.
You’ll learn a lot from all that you do,
And you’ll be happy when you’ve made it through.
These years are a big transition,
And you will find your worldly position.
These years will be hard, but when you are done,
You’ll realize that you actually had some fun.

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