Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poem #236

Hey everyone :)
Sorry this is being posted so late, I had sort of a strange day and I wasn't near my computer for a long time. But I hope to be posting earlier starting tomorrow! Today's poem is another summery-themed poem about fireworks!!

Boom and crash, a very loud sound,
And sparks will fall upon the ground.
Beautiful colors sparkle in the air,
Enough to make everyone stare.
It’s such a beautiful sight to see,
As you relax beneath a tree.
A warm night is the best time for a show,
So gather up everyone you know.
Sit back and watch the bursts of light,
As they begin to illuminate the night.
Setting them off is not easy to do,
So watch until the entire show is through.
Watch the little kids as they point,
This show will not disappoint.

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