Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poem #238

Hey everyone! :)
Today's poem is a love poem! It's semi based on Romeo and Juliet which is one of my all time favorite stories. I hope you all enjoy this :)

Secret Love
Their love is a secret love.
They spend their time together, in hiding.
The love is so deep, so strong,
Dying to be expressed outwardly in public,
Wanting to be shouted to the world.
But it can never be spoken of,
Not to a single living soul.
Behind their love is a sort of fear,
Fear that they will be caught and taken apart,
Never see each other again.
This, and their constant hiding,
Not being able to share these truly happy feelings,
Places a strain on their relationship.
But they know that their love goes deep,
And they cannot let anything tear them apart.
They also know the severity of what they are doing.
Their love goes against how they were brought up,
Against their families and the rules of their households.
So the questions are placed before them.
Can they hurt their families so that they can love one another?
Or can they give up something this strong,
For a trivial family matter?
And is this choice that they have to make, fair?

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