Thursday, September 2, 2010

Poem #239

Sorry I missed yesterday guys! It seems like I've been away from my computer a lot in the past few weeks! But, as I always do, I will post up two poems today :)

Out of the ordinary, unrecognizable.
Confusing, hard to understand.
Something that is not normally seen every day.
Not always accepted by the world.
If people don’t understand, they make fun of it.
If it’s different than what someone is use to,
They will never agree with it,
Leaving something or someone unaccepted.
Society runs a certain way, stereotypical,
And if you are different,
It seems to upset the delicate balance,
Or so people will make you believe.
But never force yourself to be like everyone.
Be yourself as much as possible,
And don’t worry about what some people say to you.
You’ll soon see that, if you do this,
Defy the normal, be yourself,
They will respect you more for it.

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