Monday, September 6, 2010

Poem #244

Hey guys!
Well, tomorrow is registration day for school and then first day is Wednesday :( Summer passes by so fast doesn't it? I feel like I just started this vacation the other day and now it's back to school.
Today's poem is called Fake or Real. Have you guys ever met someone or known someone who doesn't seem to be telling the truth about who they really are inside, and acting a certain way to fit in with a certain crowd or other reasons? That is what this poem is getting at. Remember, always be real with everyone and yourself. Trust me, you'll be glad you did :)

Fake or Real?
No one can ever tell with you.
You change yourself for each person you meet.
You’re never the same person all the time.
No one know who you really are,
Why won’t you ever let us see?
Your self confidence is gone,
You want to be perfect, something you can’t.
You want everyone to like you,
So you change to suit others.
But you don’t like yourself,
Because you end up never being what you want.
It hurts you, but you feel as though you must.
But you are worth more than you think,
And amazing person, and the world wants to see you,
To love you for who you really, truly are.
And not only will more people like you,
But you will like yourself,
And no one, including you, will have to ask,
Are you real or fake?

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