Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poem #245

Hey Everyone :)
Ah! My first full day of school is tomorrow :( Summer has gone by way too fast. :( I'm already counting down until next summer break! haha :)

With one look, you pull me toward you,
Your eyes, like magnets, connect with mine.
With one smile, my knees become weak,
My heart races, my mind begins to run.
I feel like I can fly, do the impossible.
You fill me with warmth and happiness,
Excitement swells up within me.
I feel nervous, but when you speak,
I feel more confident,
My heart warms up and melts.
You take my hands and pull me forward,
Your lips touch mine and I leave the ground.
Flying high, I never want this moment to end.
And when it does, I can no longer see anything around us.
We are alone on the planet, nothing in sight.
You put your arms around me,
Pulling me in, holding me tight,
And neither of us ever want to let go.
So we stand there in the middle of everything,
And I become peaceful in your warm embrace.

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