Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poem #247

Hey!! :)
I've been doing sooooo much writing today! In fact, I've spent pretty much the whole day writing! Quite glad that I had the day off today.

Day Off
I have a day off, there’s nothing to do.
I will rest as much as I can before it’s through.
Staying up late then sleeping in,
And then I wake up and my day off begins.
There’s no rain at all, only sun.
This day will be so much fun.
Eat a sweet snack as a mid-morning much,
And afterward have my favorite lunch.
Then I go for a walk around,
And sit and read a book on the ground.
Catching up on hobbies I like to do,
I never want this day to be through.
Talk to my friends or go out and play,
I’ve finally had a relaxing day.

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