Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poem #250

Another busy day! I'm hoping things are going to begin to slow down as I get use to school and get further into the year and back into the swing of things :)
In the mean time, enjoy today's fun little rhyme! :)

City Life
On busy streets you run here and there,
In a rush to get everywhere.
The pace of life is very fast,
You’ll be surprised at how much time has passed.
Streets are packed with many a car.
It takes forever to go really far.
Every building is long and tall,
A place from which you are afraid to fall.
And it takes a long time to reach the top,
You think the stairs will never stop.
The noise and smells might drive some away,
But this is where I want to stay.
Some people out there may not like the city,
But in my opinion, it’s very pretty.

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