Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem #258

Today is my cousin Christina's 17th birthday!!! :) which means she's not my age anymore :( hahaha! But anyway, since this is a special day, I thought it deserved a special birthday poem for a very special cousin who's been like a big sister to me all these years!! :)

Friends Forever
We are closer than anyone could ever imagine.
Friends forever, can never be separated.
We've been through so much together,
Supporting each other no matter what life throw at us.
Sharing everything, trusting each other with anything.
Growing up together, we formed a friendship to last.
So many amazing memories, never to be forgotten.
Sometimes we many have our disagreements,
But nothing ever breaks our ties.
We might be different in many ways,
But I think this brings us closer together.
Life has tried to hurt us both, bring us down,
But we are always there to pull each other back up.
You never let me fall or give in during hard times.
And we will still be this close for the rest of our lives.
Friends Forever.

I love you Christina! Have a great birthday!!! :)

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