Friday, September 24, 2010

Poem #262

Last poem of the day :) more to come tomorrow!

Waves On The Shore
Waves crashing continuously on the shore.
Glittering, sparkling in the sun light.
Soaking the sand with salt and water,
And washing small creatures onto the land,
After carrying them over swells.
Seashells and seaweed adorn the waves,
Also landing on the shore,
And children run to pick them for a collection.
The tide begins to come in closer,
To where I sit, watching the beautiful scene play out,
And listening to the calming sounds.
With each wave's crash on the sand,
One of my troubles is washed away,
Pulled out into the endless waters,
And I am completely calm,
At peace with all my surroundings.
So I sit there at rest,
And wish for this moment to never end.

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