Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poem #266

Second poem of the day! enjoy :)

Love Letters
Messages sent back and forth between us.
Saying our deepest thoughts and feelings.
When we are so far apart from each other,
We need to keep in touch this way.
I express my love through these words.
Poetic phrases running on the page,
Singing our love to the other.
Keeping us going in life, when things aren't going right.
We hold onto our love with all of our strength.
And it takes a huge toll on our hearts,
To be so far apart, not to see each other often.
So we keep our relationship alive through love letters.
I miss you more with each minute,
But I keep all of your letters with me,
Rereading them over and over.
I feel so close to you through these,
But I can never express my feelings completely.
I need to be with you more than anything.
But for now, we can only be together through,
Love Letters.

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