Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Poem #267

Hey guys,
I'm still home sick which really stinks :( But I've been keeping up with work as best I can so hopefully I'll be already when I go back! Anyway, I've also been keeping on top of poems! :) So here's a rhyme for today! :)

Good Friends
Good friends are very essential to life,
Even though sometime you might go through a strife.
You always have so much fun together.
You'll go out in all kinds of weather.
Stay up late and have a heart to heart talk,
Or maybe go out and have a nice walk.
Spend a day together and bake,
Brownies, cookies, or even a cake.
Hang out outside and play a game.
Being without them is never the same.
Go out with them and have some food,
Good friends always put you in a great mood.
You'll be surprised how much time as passed.
You've built a friendship that will always last.

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