Friday, October 1, 2010

Poem #269

Happy October everyone!! :)
Here is the official first poem of October!!!! :) Hope you all enjoy it!

Just Want To Run
I really just want to run,
Get away, as far as possible, from here.
I’m so tired of the stresses of each day,
Because they just keep getting worse.
I’m sick of the fighting, the hate,
The drama between everyone I know,
The endless amount of grudges they hold,
And how I keep getting pulled into the middle.
I want to run away from the attention,
Bad attention and complaints from those I know.
Escaping all of this would be amazing.
It’s all beginning to wear on me, hurt my heart,
And I wish to find some peace.
Why can’t I just run away from life?
I need to leave before I burst,
Need some relief, hope for my future.
I feel pressured, boxed in.
But I can’t do anything about it,
So I keep thinking, every day,
I just want to run.

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