Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poem #270

Hey Everyone :)
Today's poem is called Glass House. It is basically about celebrity life and how it's hard for them to keep everything private. It's like everything they do is know by everyone, everything is out in the open. But the glass house is also a symbol of something else. See if you can tell what it is :)

Glass House
Living in a house made entirely of glass,
Window everywhere you go.
Feeling as though you are on display,
Because the whole world seems to know about you.
Nothing can ever be kept a secret,
Everyone can always see what is going on.
You wish to get away from it all,
Wanting some privacy more than anything.
Trying to run but they always catch up.
And there is so much you don’t know.
Tensions run high in the house,
Fighting begins to take over your lives,
As you all try to stay private, stay away.
The household threatens to break,
Shatter apart into a million pieces.
Tip-toeing around as to not damage the glass,
To not send a crack through the foundation,
Bringing everything tumbling down.
And the world watches your struggles,
Knows every detail of what’s going on,
Because of the glass house.


  1. Amazing post Ari! I feel like the glass house represents an individual who puts themselves on display in order to have others relate. They build a foundation and work to let others rise up with them but judging is something so constantly done in society they have a hard time deciphering where to run next.