Monday, October 4, 2010

Poem #272

Hey Guys! Hope you're all having a great beginning to the week......well as good as any Monday can be! haha :)
So today I thought I would do a happy poem about a very exciting event to brighten the day :)

A Wedding
A day full of joy, excitement, happiness.
A life changing event never forgotten.
Family and friends, those you love,
Brought together, all in one place,
And watching with tears of joy in their eyes.
You’ve never felt so happy in your life,
And the happiness is spread to everyone around,
Contagious, easy to catch.
The thoughts rush through your mind,
Soon you will be with the one you love.
You want this day to be beautiful, perfect.
A celebration of life and love,
A ritual, ceremony, bonding two souls.
Two people making the commitment of a lifetime,
Something that might have made you nervous.
But now that the day has arrived,
And everyone has gathered together,
The happiness, excitement, and love sets in,
And you know you are ready,
To be together with the one you love,

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