Thursday, October 7, 2010

Poem #275

Hello! :) hope everyone's having a pleasant day!
I don;t know if it's just me but this week has felt endless! I'm so glad I have off tomorrow. So this poem is appropriate to the way this week has made a lot of us feel!

Worn Out
Tired of the daily stress,
It's taking too much of a toll on me.
The arguments, disagreements, yelling,
It's all way too much for me,
It’s beginning to wear me out.
I'm not who I use to be,
Can't be who I really should,
Because I'm too worn out to try, to care.
I use to find so much fun in the world,
But I no longer enjoy things as I did.
My life has become monotonous,
Repetitive, way too routine.
Nothing new comes my way, no interesting things,
Just the same old activities, chores.
I wish I could find something new, some fun,
Something to spice up my life.
It has completely run its course, stuck in a rut.
I need change, happiness, new experiences,
Because I, my life, is worn out.

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