Friday, October 8, 2010

Poem #276

Hello people of earth! :) (told ya I'd find a more creative way to say hello!)
I've spent the entire day relaxing writing and its been AWESOME :) This day has produced one new article for and......drum roll please.......A NEW ACROSTIC! :) I hope you all enjoy it!

Persistent, pursuing dreams no matter what.
Every day, working hard to achieve goals.
Requiring the desire to succeed in everything you do.
Successful, not letting anything stop you or slow you down.
Energetic, ready for anything that comes your way.
Very dedicated to each task that must be finished.
Excited about everything coming up each day.
Risking some aspects of your life to do what you want.
Adventurous, adamant about accomplishing it all.
Never giving up or giving in to the pitfalls of life.
Constant wish to learn more, work harder.
Everyone wants to have the ability for,

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